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Norton to expand its workforce and is poised to bring back its glory

Norton is slowly getting back on track, thanks to TVS.

Norton Motorcycles

Over a month ago, Norton motorcycles was on a brink of collapse as it was placed under administration prompted by growing debts, undelivered bike orders, and growing tax liabilities with the government stemmed from a scandal that brewed over a mishandled pension scheme by its officers under the helm of its owner and leader then, Stuart Garner. It was clear that Garner and his cohorts drove the company into financial distress and opened it up to investigations that are still pending up to this day.

TVS Motors, stepped in to save the iconic British motorcycle brand from its apparent financial demise and invested a much-needed capital injection the company badly needed. Now, TVS Motors is poised to expand in Norton’s current UK-based business model of sticking to producing high-end motorcycles. In other words, we’ll be seeing more new models rolling out of their factories and into their showrooms in the near future. 

At the same time, you’ll now see the careers section of Norton’s website aggressively on the lookout for managers and engineers to come on board and kickstart production and operations. At this particular time when the whole world is mired by uncertainty brought about by a global pandemic, any company hiring is a welcome sight to see. 

TVS is relentlessly set in putting Norton Motorcycles back on its feet without committing the same mistakes it did in the past, which included operating beyond their capabilities with a relatively skeletal operation under the leadership of Garner. Their first priority is to fulfill all the pending orders from customers who placed deposits on particular motorcycle models and eventually transferring its head office to a new location in its Donington Park production facility. With TVS Motors now behind Norton, it a welcome relief to know that the iconic British motorcycle marque will still be around, perhaps for the benefit and enjoy of newer generations of motorcyclists. 

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