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New LiveWire One electric motorcycle launched by Harley-Davidson

Harley is betting on its latest, greatest, and cheapest fully electric motorcycle.

LiveWire One in White

Harley-Davidson is taking another stab at an electric motorcycle. After spinning off its electric division into a fully-fledged EV brand, the American motorcycle company has launched its newest offering: The LiveWire One.

The LiveWire One is Harley's second fully electric motorcycle. Back in 2019, the brand launched the LiveWire, which came at a starting price of $29,799. As first models go, the LiveWire wasn't all that bad. The electric bike claimed specs of 105 hp, 117 Nm of torque, and a top speed of 153 km/h. The LiveWire reportedly achieves 0-100 km in around 3 seconds. The only criticism the LiveWire faced is that its price was out of reach for its target market. Nearly $30k, after all, is a steep amount to be paying for any bike, let alone an electric one.

LiveWire One White Closeup

Two years later, the LiveWire's successor is looking to make a splash in the fledgling electric motorcycle market. The LiveWire One will be available starting at $21,999, a full $8000 cheaper than its predecessor. For those keeping track, that converts to about P1,100,000. Not cheap by any means, but still significantly more affordable.

LiveWire One in Black

As for specs, the LiveWire one appears to have the same motor as the previous model. This means that the range may also be extremely similar. Harley-Davidson lists the range for the LiveWire One at 235 km in a single charge. If that's not impressive enough, the new model also features DC fast charging, which will allow users to recharge the battery from 0-100% in only an hour, and 0-85% in 45 minutes. The only real difference between the two models appears to be the price, but we'll know more once the new LiveWire One is released to the public.

Don't hold your breath for a local release, however, as the LiveWire One will only be available in three US states at launch, namely New York, Texas, and California. 

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