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New color schemes launched for the 2021 Honda Genio

Three new color schemes to suit your style.

2021 Honda Genio

Honda has positioned one of its entry level scooters towards the growing number of lady riders in the country. The 2021 Honda Genio is an entry-level scooter which serves as a practical commuter, while being easy for beginners to learn the basics of riding a motorcycle. For the 2021 model year, Honda has released color schemes which highlight a more feminine side to the scooter. 

“There is no denying that women riders are rapidly increasing, especially with more and more women realizing its benefits and the joy of mobility that they feel in every ride amid the new normal.”
2021 Honda Genio

That said, three new striking color schemes for the Honda Genio have been unveiled: Vintage White, Valiant Red, and Matte Gunpowder Metallic Black. The Metallic Red option, with the word ‘Fabulous’ prominently displayed on the side panel is by far the most feminine design. Meanwhile, the other two color options employ more subtle design cues. 

Aside from the new color schemes, the 2021 Honda Genio remains mostly unchanged. For starters, it continues to sport the ever reliable 110cc SOHC single-cylinder engine. Equipped with air-cooling and a continuously variable transmission (CVT), this little mill churns out a docile 9 horsepower, making it perfect for first time riders to learn the ropes on, as well as those looking for a simple yet stylish commuter. Putting things to a stop is a disc brake and drum brake combo complete with a combi-brake system.

2021 Honda Genio

Other features include an LED headlight, a USB port for charging mobile devices, and a digital instrument panel complete with an Eco-Mode indicator. Perhaps one of the strongest selling points of this scooter would be its stellar fuel economy which is rated at 59.1 kilometers per liter. Equipped with an ample 4.2 liter fuel tank, this little scooter boasts pretty impressive range. 

Lastly, from a practical standpoint, the Genio offers a generous amount of storage space. The 14 liter under-seat storage compartment is large enough to house an open-face helmet, while an inner rack can hold various personal items such as a mobile phone and wallet. The 2021 Honda Genio retains its SRP of just P72,900. 

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