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Would you like to see the Honda CB350 in the Philippine market?

This new retro-styled motorcycle has been making waves all across the globe.

Honda CB350 RS

The CB line of motorcycles is undoubtedly one of the driving forces to Honda’s global success. Having evolved from bare bones, basic machines bereft of any creature comforts whatsoever, modern-day CBs are now outfitted with some of the latest tech and performance features. That being said, when the CB350 H’Ness (read as Highness) first debuted in India last year, Honda aficionados were delighted with a motorcycle that paid a fitting tribute to the roots of the CB range of bikes. 

Although slated as an India-only motorcycle, the Honda CB350 has garnered considerable hype all across the world. Thanks to its bare-bones construction which is true to form with its retro styling, this motorcycle has captured the hearts of enthusiasts all around the world. The most recent news on this hyped-up motorcycle is the launch of its latest iteration, the CB350 RS. 

Honda CB350 RS

As it would turn out, the hype towards the new CB350 was so great that it actually made its way outside the Indian market, and into Japan under the GB350 name. This time around, Honda has outdone itself yet again with the launch of a sportier version dubbed the CB350 RS. Now, while the H’Ness sported classic Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM) styling, the CB350 RS, on the other hand, employs a sportier design language accentuated by its more aggressive ergonomics. Honda has done this by fitting a set of drag bars which are substantially flatter than the standard handlebars of the H’Ness. 

On the performance side of things, the CB350 RS is equipped with the same 348cc single cylinder engine found in the H’Ness. This air-cooled motor is rated at an adequate 22 horsepower and 30 Nm of torque, making it a pretty decent performer for both short stints around town, and longer rides to the countryside. 

All things considered however, the likelihood of this motorcycle getting in the Philippine market is rather slim. For starters, the 400cc limit for expressway access effectively serves as a massive roadblock for what would otherwise have been a perfectly capable highway machine. Additionally, bikes like the Honda CB350 H’Ness and CB350 RS have quite a strong market in India. With these new bikes selling left and right over there, Honda will definitely have a hard time ensuring ample supply for other Asian markets. 

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