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New CFMOTO 450SR S gets a fancy single-sided swingarm

More aggressive bodywork and new liveries enhance this machine's sporty appeal.

New CFMOTO 450SR S gets a fancy single-sided swingarm

In 2021, CFMOTO introduced the SR-C21 sportbike concept, which captured attention with its impressive features and aggressive design. Initially, there were speculations that the bike would utilize the KTM-sourced 800cc parallel-twin engine found in the 800MT. However, it was ultimately released as the 450SR, a sportbike we've come to know and love here in the Philippines.

Although the 450SR didn't possess the same level of power it would have had with the LC8C parallel-twin engine, it still established itself as a strong contender in the entry-level sportbike category. Equipped with a 449.5cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel-twin engine, the 450SR differentiated itself from competitors like the Honda CBR500R and Kawasaki Ninja 400 with a notable feature—a 270-degree crankshaft. As a result the CFMOTO 450SR delivers quick responsiveness and a distinct sound that is commonly associated with this particular engine configuration.


Presently, the CFMOTO 450SR already stands as an exceptional sportbike. However, CFMoto, known for its ambitious expansion, has taken a step further by introducing an updated version called the 450SR S. The most significant enhancement is immediately apparent with the inclusion of a single-sided swingarm, a feature originally showcased in the SR-C21 concept but omitted in the production model. This addition amplifies the bike's aggressive appearance, showcasing the striking design of its alloy wheels.

Complementing the new single-sided swingarm, the 450SR S features slightly revised bodywork. Drawing inspiration from the SR-C21 concept, the sportbike boasts more aggressive fairings highlighted by large winglets at the front. Although these winglets are primarily for visual impact given the bike's power output, they unquestionably enhance its sporty allure. Additionally, the 450SR S is equipped with a short underbelly exhaust pipe, allowing for a fully exposed rear wheel, further emphasizing the bike's sleek profile and contributing to its athletic styling.

Adding to its updates, CFMOTO has also introduced new liveries for the 450SR S. These include Zircon Black and Starlight White. Initially launched in China, the updated model is expected to become available in nearby Asian markets, including the Philippines, in the near future. As a point of reference, the current generation CFMOTO 450SR is priced at P299,900, making it one of the best value-for-money models in its category.  

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