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MV Agusta presents its first e-bikes, the AMO RR and RC

For a low price of about P200,000, you can tell people you ride an MV Agusta.

MV Agusta AMO e-Bike

MV Agusta is the manufacturer to talk about when you think about beautiful motorcycles, but now e-bicycles? The company announced that it will be entering the electric mobility market with a new range of e-bikes. 

Let’s face it, bringing a supersport like the MV Agusta F3, will take its toll on your back and your clutch hand. It’s definitely not a practical option, and MV knows this. If you’re going to take a short trip to the shops or have a coffee with your buddies, why not show up on an e-bicycle that costs more than a standard scooter? 

MV Agusta AMO RR

E-bicycles have been quite popular with personal mobility becoming quite the necessity. Following this product line, MV Agusta plans to launch a line of kick scooters, but for now, we have these beautiful examples of e-bikes to gawk at. 

MV Agusta AMO RR

Named the AMO, which is Italian for “I love,” the new line is created with MV’s passion for everything on two wheels. Two variants are available, the RR and RC. All variants of the AMO feature a 250W silent Mahle engine that tops out at 25 km/h and can go up to 75km on its 250Wh Panasonic battery. 

MV Agusta AMO

Snazzier additions include Pirelli bicycle tires, Magura disc brakes, and a Gates Carbon Drive belt. The bike itself is light for an e-bike, but a smidge heavier than your standard mountain bike coming in at 15.5 kg. 

MV Agusta AMO e-Bike

So while MV Agusta in the Philippines primarily sells motorcycles, it will not be alien to the brand’s distributor, MotoStrada, to display and perhaps sell a few AMOs. If you’ve visited MotoStrada’s showroom in Caloocan, you will find that they too have a selection of e-bicycles from different manufacturers and brands. Who’s to say that they won’t incorporate this product lineup into their business? However, these e-bikes are definitely something special, as they start at €3,075 EUR, or about P180,000. That costs more than most scooters—add a bit more and you got yourself a CFMOTO 400 NK, which is conveniently sold alongside MV Agusta, mind you. 

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