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Motostrada introduces the CF Moto ST Papio mini-bike

Freedom and fun rides in a small package.

CF Moto ST Papio 125

Mini-bikes have always had a market in our country as reliable zippy little machines that could easily weave through traffic. Even if they were specifically designed for the youth to learn how to work the clutch and switch gears, the majority of small-displacement mini-bikes and scooters you would see around the city are mounted by adults getting around bustling traffic. CF Moto has just released a new mini-bike that could be poised to go against the likes of the Honda Grom, but with its own particular spin on it. 

CF Moto ST Papio 125 Engine
CF Moto ST Papio 125 Suspension

Motostrada, the exclusive distributor of CF Moto motorcycles in the Philippines have just launched the ST Papio 125 for the local market. The new minibike is powered by a 126 cc cylinder engine capable of churning out 9.4 horsepower and 8.3 Nm of torque at 6,500 RPM. It is mated to a 6-speed transmission and it is capable of reaching top speeds of up to 90 km/h which is just about the power you need to get around the city, and even in the rural areas of the provinces. The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes to provide for its stopping duties and is designed like a punchy little streetfighter. 

If you spot a CF Moto bike on the roads, you’d second guess the motorcycles you’re looking at as a KTM Duke. The explanation behind the uncanny resemblance between the bikes is because they share the same design studio for their motorcycles, Kiska Design. This explains their razor-sharp looks that the motorcycles share and the ST Papio 125 was no exception as it looks like a KTM Duke’s and CF Moto’s love child. As a matter of fact, CF Moto has entered a partnership with KTM that has produced a number of motorcycles made for the Asian markets. 

CF Moto ST Papio 125
CF Moto ST Papio 125

The ST Papio 125 is priced at just P78,000, making it one of the most affordable mini-bikes in the market today. With its razor-sharp looks and punchy little engine, Motostrada could be seeing a lot of success with the introduction of this new model to the Philippines.

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