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Motorcycle sales grew by 13% for H1 of 2017 per MDPPA

According to the group, approximately 90% of the sales came from installment-based financing purchases.

MDPPA Board Members

It seems like more and more Filipinos are buying more motorcycles, due to their considerably cheap value, and efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. This is supported by the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA), who reported to have yielded 13% sales growth for the 1st half (H1) of 2017. 

The milestone followed the group's strong 2016-ender, where it reached a 1.14-million sales mark. This time, MDPPA accumulated 613,896 total sales for H1 alone, that is 69,108 more compared from the 544,788 of the same period of 2016. According to the group, this is a sign that they are on track to achieving the given 8% to 12% sales forecast for this year.

"Besides the good economy and more people having increased purchasing power, the strong market performance for the first six months of 2017 reflects the continued bullish demand for motorcycles. This is because motorcycles provide a practical and effective transportation alternative in the face of the worsening traffic conditions, particularly in Metro Manila. They are also very trendy and cost-efficient."

Sales comparison per model 

Leading the chart for H1 sales are the moped motorcycle, also known as underbones. They remain to be the top-selling motorbike body type with a total of 203,741. It is followed by business motorcycles, which amassed 202,098 total sales or an 18% growth from 170,979 of H1 2016. 

With the given data, MDPPA claimed that the local e-commerce industry is the one responsible for the growing demand of motorcycles in the country. They believe that as the online business industry continue to increase, more business motorcycles will be used for their logistic services. In short, the presence of online food buying is one of the main contributors for the increase.

Meanwhile, as mopeds continue to lead the local motorcycle industry in terms of sales, automatic motorcycles, such as scooters, recorded the biggest growth among all the body types. It reached a 40% increase with 175,707 sales for H1 2017, compared from the 125,552 of the same period last year. MDPPA said that it could be the AT motorcycles' convenience twist-to-accelerate system and trendy design, which attracted younger buyers. 

On the other side of the spectrum, big bikes, three-wheelers, and all-terrain vehicles (ATV) recorded a 25% up the sales ladder. They scored in 1,080 total of sales as compared from the 865 units of H1 2016. he only category that posted dropping sales are street motorcycles, which sales decreased by 25%. The said category tallied 31,270 units sold – more than 10,000 units short from the 41,659 sold in H1 2016.

MDPPA ASEAN Sales Statistics 

Charts revealed that Indonesia remains seated on top for the highest motorcycle sales inside ASEAN members. But in terms of growth, the Indonesian market is clearly facing a huge decline. The country dropped 10%, or 2,321,079 sales from the 2,565,452 units in January to May of 2016. 

Thailand follows in terms of total sales with 773,748 units sold in the said period. Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand all achieved 7% increase in sales, leaving the Philippines as the country with the highest motorcycles sales growth for H1.

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