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The KTM World Adventure Week is set this 2022, in July

Get ‘Ready to Adventure’ this time around with Team Orange.

KTM Super Adventure 1290

KTM’s World Adventure Week 2022 is kicking off on July 4 and will last all the way up until July 10, 2022. Even non-KTM riders are invited to the adventuring party, and all they need to do is log the miles on an application in order to participate in challenges and be in the running for prizes from KTM. 

Last year, Team Orange held the World Adventure Week to much acclaim. Thousands of miles were logged and racked up by bikers from all over the world. Lucky riders who’ve completed challenges were selected and won prizes ranging from Shoei helmets, gear, and even motorcycle luggage. The challenges last year included racking up 390 kilometers in one day, to climbing 890 meters of elevation. Perhaps a trip to Baguio and back through some roads will help you complete that challenge? 

To receive a participation award from the brand, however, you must rack up at least 1,000 before the week is over. Riders who accomplish this feat will receive a personalized award. All riders participating in the event will also get a chance to be featured on the KTM World Adventure Week page, as well as KTM’s global social media channels. At the time of this article’s writing, there is no news yet about what challenges Team Orange will dream up this year. Hopefully, they won’t require riders to go 1290 kilometers in one go, though we know that plenty can. 

It also doesn’t matter if you’re on a BMW, Yamaha, Honda, or even Husqvarna. The KTM Adventure Week is an initiative that aims to bring the adventuring community closer together, but before you start planning, perhaps head on over to KTM’s Official World Adventure Week website for the countdown. It’s quite a few days off so in the meantime, and if you wish to participate, make sure that you download the RISER app available for either Apple or Android devices, so you can record and submit your ride once the event rolls over. 

KTM Philippines will definitely be promoting the event throughout its local social media and official channels so stay tuned until then! At the moment, we have about 80 days until the week’s kickoff. 

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