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Kawasaki rolls out 50th Anniversary edition Z650 and Z900 RS models

Available initially in Japan and Europe.

Kawasaki rolls out 50th Anniversary edition Z650 and Z900 RS models

Kawasaki's trademark Z series will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022. The iconic Z1, the bike behind the legendary serie, debuted in 1972 with a magnificent "Fireball" livery. Kawasaki's Z900RS and Z650RS neo-retro machines pay tribute to the legendary model, while the standard Z900 and Z650 offer a modern approach to an otherwise timeless platform.

For starters, for the neo-retro models, Kawasaki devised a multi-layer painting procedure to replicate the original Z1's vivid hues and glossy texture. When the company debuted the Z900RS in 2018, it did so in a very similar fashion. However, when contrasted to that version, the new paint accurately reproduces the Z1's rich brown and burned orange candy colors.

Kawasaki Z900 RS 50th Anniversary

Kawasaki marks the Z series' gold anniversary by outfitting the two RS variants with gold-finished alloy wheels, in addition to the special paint treatment. However, the commemorative elements do not end there.Team Green  has added 50th-anniversary insignia to the tank and engine case cover, as well as vintage-style 900 Double Overhead Camshaft badging to the side covers. The tuck and roll saddle is similar to that of the 2018 Z900RS, but features a premium textured material and an integrated grab rail.

Kawasaki Z900 50th Anniversary

While the 50th Anniversary editions of the Z900 RS and Z650RS are great homages to the original machine, the modern-styled Z900 and Z650 meanwhile, get a modern rendition of the iconic Z1100GP's Firecracker Red livery. The Firecracker Red colorway became a staple in Kawasaki's lineup throughout the 1980s, thanks to the success of the Z1100GP.

The modern-day Zs also have the legendary model's white and black designs, offering a stark contrast to the stunning colorway. The Z900 and Z650 receive commemorative logos on the fuel tank and fender, as well as a leather saddle, similar to the RS 50th Anniversary editions.

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