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Honda could soon be reviving the Transalp adventure bike

We would love to see a mid-sized adventurer from Honda in the Philippine market.

Honda could soon be reviving the Transalp adventure bike

When we think of adventure bikes, models like the KTM 1290 Super Adventure or the BMW R 1250 GS come to mind. These days, the Europeans have taken the adventure bike crown thanks to their technologically superior machines which boast more power, sophistication, and tech than their Japanese counterparts. Back in the day, however, Honda was one of the top predators in the adventure segment with the Africa Twin and the now-defunct Transalp. 

Currently, as far as adventure bikes are concerned, Honda really only has two bikes in its roster: the Africa Twin and the CB500X. This means that Big Red misses out on the middleweight ADV segment—one of the most lucrative segments of motorcycling today. That said, if the rumor mill is to be believed, we could soon see a revival of the Honda Transalp. With Yamaha recently launching the Ténéré 700, now is the right time for Honda to flex its muscles in the adventure game. 

Now, just what can we expect from the rumored Honda Transalp? Well, as of the moment, Honda has done nothing but file a trademark for the name in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While a trademark doesn’t really give any assurance that a new motorcycle bearing the Transalp name is coming soon, multiple publications are adamant that this is indeed the case. After all, Honda has always been one to innovate.

If and when the Honda Transalp were to hit the roads and trails once again, chances are we would see a similar engine as that of the Honda NC750X adventure tourer. The Transalp, however, would definitely feature burlier suspension, knobby tires, and maybe even wire-spoke wheels. These features would slot it right between the CB500X which costs P413,000, and the Africa Twin, which starts at P916,000. 

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