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Harley-Davidson’s e-bike division Serial 1 has launched the BASH/MTN electric mountain bike

This stylish electric bicycle carries a price tag in excess of P400,000.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1 BASH/MTN electric mountain bike

Serial1 is Harley-Davidson's electric mobility division. Serial 1's bikes are mostly focused on urban riding, consisting of stylish, city-focused e-bikes in its lineup. Serial 1 introduced the MOSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY models last year. Through these models, the brand  aimed both bikes at urban cyclists and commuters. Complete  with a 529Wh lithium-ion battery and a mid-drive electric motor from Brose, they proved to be pretty capable city slickers.

The new BASH/MTN electric mountain bike is great for individuals searching for more excitement on their e-bikes. It's important to note that the BASH/MTN isn't  for hard-core trail cyclists. Yes, it's equipped with Michelin E-Wild off-road tires and a basic SR Suntour NCX seat post with two inches of travel, but it doesn't get front or rear suspension. Moderate off-road excursions are conceivable since the electric mountain bike has the same strong frame as Serial 1's MOSH/CTY, but most cyclists should avoid using the BASH/MTN on more challenging terrain. Serial 1 , on the other hand, sees this as an advantage, with adaptability at its foundation.

Serial 1 BASH/MTN electric mountain bike

The e-MTB is more equivalent to a gravel or cyclocross bike because it doesn't get any suspension whatsoever. The BASH/MTN's 529Wh battery is claimed to provide a range between 30 and 95 km on a full charge. Naturally, however, the terrain and drive setting you select will have a significant impact on the mileage. Serial 1 claims that it takes just under five hours to fully charge the BASH/MTN's battery. What's even better is that you can charge it from zero to 75% in just 2.5 hours. 

Before limiting power output, the Brose electric motor enables the BASH/MTN to reach 32 kilometers per hour as a Class 1 e-bike. You are, nevertheless, free to travel faster than 32 kilometers per hour, if you do so using manual pedal power. With four-piston hydraulic disc brakes and 203mm rotors, you'll be sure to come to a safe halt. Only 1,050  BASH/MTN electric bikes will ever be built, with 525 going to US-based customers. As such, don't expect to see this fancy electric mountain bike in local Harley dealerships. After all, it retails in excess of P400,000.

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