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Motociclista Scatola Inc. takes over Royal Enfield distribution in the Philippines

The capable folks at Bikerbox will be handling all your Royal Enfield needs moving forward.

Motociclista Scatola Inc. takes over Royal Enfield distribution in the Philippines

Royal Enfield, the esteemed motorcycle manufacturer with a history dating back to 1901, stands as the oldest continuously operating player in the field. Over the years, it has transformed into a global powerhouse, captivating riders with its value-laden bikes adorned with retro-inspired designs and undeniable charm. Enthusiasts worldwide are drawn to the approachable nature and classic heritage embodied by Royal Enfield's machines.

In a significant development for the local market, Motociclista Scatola Inc. (MSI), also known as Bikerbox, has recently been announced as the official distributor for Royal Enfield. This move aligns with the broader portfolio managed by MSI, which already includes renowned brands like Aprilia and Moto Guzzi in the Philippines. It's a noteworthy step that could further elevate Royal Enfield's presence in a market witnessing a surge in interest for premium motorcycles.

Motociclista Scatola Inc. takes over Royal Enfield distribution in the Philippines

“At MSI, we believe in providing the best lifestyle mobility solution, challenging ourselves to deliver the ultimate motorcycling ownership experience. Partnering with the world’s oldest motorcycle brand allows us to diversify offerings to motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philippines. With a growing demand for evocative, easy-riding motorcycles, our aim is to have Royal Enfield's presence providing the best riding experience and growing our community of leisure riders,” explained Michael Victor F. Bondoc, Director at Motociclista Scatola Inc.

Recognizing the Philippines as a pivotal player in the Asia Pacific motorcycle scene, Royal Enfield is keen on tapping into the burgeoning community of motorcycle enthusiasts. The brand aims to create a welcoming space, shunning intimidation, and encouraging like-minded individuals to come together and revel in their shared passion for riding. Royal Enfield, true to its ethos, doesn't hinge on cutting-edge technology or blistering performance but rather thrives on the retro spirit, promoting self-expression and the unfiltered joy of the two-wheeled lifestyle.

Motociclista Scatola Inc. takes over Royal Enfield distribution in the Philippines

In an official statement, Anuj Dua, Business Head for Asia Pacific markets at Royal Enfield, underscored the brand's core values of resilience, inclusiveness, and accessibility. Being the world's oldest continuously produced motorcycle brand, Royal Enfield has become integral to people's lives, nurturing a riding culture over decades. Dua emphasized the significance of the Philippine market globally, noting its position as the sixth-largest two-wheeler market. He expressed confidence in Royal Enfield's diverse offerings resonating with the local audience, citing a differentiated motorcycling experience catered to the Philippine market.

Highlighting the strategic alliance with Motociclista Scatola Inc., Dua praised their proven success and expertise in the two-wheeler market. This partnership is seen as a catalyst for Royal Enfield's growth in the Asia Pacific region, leveraging the unique strengths of both entities.

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