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Harley-Davidson enters into a distributorship agreement with Hero Motocorp

Hero Motocorp is now Harley-Davidson’s new lifeline to India.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider

After Harley-Davidson announced its exit from the Indian market last September, it seems that the Milwaukee-based motorcycle brand is getting another shot for India. Hero Motocorp and Harley-Davidson have just entered into a distribution agreement for the Indian market. Under the new venture, Hero will now officially sell and service the existing Harley-Davidson motorcycles still remaining in India. Distribution of genuine parts, accessories, riding gear, apparel, and general merchandise will also be taken by Hero through the existing Harley-Davidson dealership network in the country.

This new development gives a breath of fresh air for Harley-Davidson who has been facing quite a challenging year so far. At the same time, its existing customers in India now wouldn’t have to worry about their bike’s servicing needs. 

Harley Davidson 338R

The biggest challenge that Hero now has to face is winning over new customers from the market. Harley-Davidson has had trouble winning over the younger generation of riders to swing a leg over their motorcycles. However, as part of the agreement, Hero will also be authorized to develop and sell a range of premium motorcycles carrying the Harley-Davidson badge. In the near future, some unique models made specifically for the Indian market will start rolling out of its factories. We can expect smaller displacement motorcycles more suited for the Indian roads and traffic to be created to meet the country’s needs.

Harley-Davidson still hasn’t given any official details of the new motorcycles that would start rolling out for the Indian market. Whether they would be simply existing Hero motorcycles carrying the bar and shield badge or completely new motorcycles is yet to be seen. A similar agreement was entered into by KTM and Bajaj in the past that has allowed KTM to successfully expand its lineup with the 200 Duke and the Bajaj Pulsar (Rouser) NS 200 suited more for the Asian Market. In any case, this bold move entered into by Harley-Davidson can surely help propel the brand into new heights, especially for one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world. 

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