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Grab and KYMCO want to electrify the motorcycle market

The partnerships aims to make an electric scooter for the Southeast Asian market

Grab and KYMCO partnership with the Ionex

The neverending quest for clean energy-powered mobility continues and even motorcycle companies want to get in on the action. Grabwheels and KYMCO have partnered up to make electric vehicles for personal transport. Grabwheels being the mobility arm of the Grab have announced that it was able to secure $30 million of funding for the project. The partnership will not only develop a two-wheel electric vehicle (EV) but to also find ways to help accelerate the adoption of EVs in the Southeast Asia region.

The base vehicle that both companies are eying for the EV is KYMCO’s Ionex scooter. The motorcycle itself comes with a swappable battery pack. The pack eliminates the need to have the vehicle sit around and charge for long periods of time. Drained batteries can easily be swapped with charged ones at designated charging stations. These can accommodate multiple battery packs and charge them at a fast rate.  Both companies are currently researching the feasibility of this system in the Southeast Asian market. 

The partnership will also include a research study to be done by Grabwheels and KYMCO Shared EV service as well as infrastructure for these electric vehicles. This is to ensure that these vehicles meet the license requirements for the Southeast Asia region

This joint effort underscores our commitment to work with strategic partners and local governments to bring about a safer and more environmentally sustainable transport network.
Kymco ionex side profile

Allen Ko the chairman of the KYMCO Group adds that the shift toward electric vehicles is the most significant transformations of personal transportation for the next 10 years. Ko further adds that the KYMCO Ionex will help accelerate the shift to cleaner modes fo transportation. He believes that the vehicle is a solution that empowers all businesses and governments to opt for electric vehicles. The motorcycle manufacturer has already dabbled with electric technology for its motorcycles the RevoNEX.

Grab, on the other hand, has been working with governments such as automakers and electricity providers to expand its EV ecosystem and EV adoption. Through its partnerships with government bodies, the transport company has gained better insights as to how it will operate and expand its EV fleets. The ultimate aim of the company is to make Evs more affordable, thus encouraging driver-partners and fleet owners to swap over to EVs.

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