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Ducati releases stunning Futa road e-bike in latest World Premiere

Transform your daily commute, or your daily workout regimen.

Ducati releases stunning Futa road e-bike in latest World Premiere

Despite the fact that Ducati has yet to release a fully electric motorcycle, the House of Borgo Panigale has been dabbling in the electrification pond in the world of bicycles for a few years. Those who are familiar with eMTBs will be familiar with Ducati’s MIG-S mountain bike, as well as the super fancy TK01-RR. While these bikes have been reintroduced for 2022, Ducati has introduced the Futa, a completely new model.

The Futa is Ducati's response to road bikers seeking an amazingly high-end pedal-assist road bike capable of covering longer distances and climbing higher heights. Cyclists will certainly drool  over the level of technology Ducati and Thok e-Bikes have included into this vehicle. If the price tag, translating to around P425,000 doesn't bother you, you should surely add this stylish e-bike to your two-wheeler collection. Is, however, the expensive price tag justifiable? The final word is up to you.

Ducati Futa

The Futa, according to Ducati, represents the "next generation of pedal-assisted road bikes". It has a stylish unidirectional carbon-fiber frame that was designed to provide the ideal blend of comfort, rigidity, and pedalling efficiency. When you combine all of that with Aldo Drudi's stunning design, you've got a road bike that's well worth a second look.

The latest and finest power unit in the world of e-bikes lies at the core of the Ducati Futa. In the cycling world, FSA is a well-known brand. The Taiwanese business recently launched its System HM 1.0 e-bike power unit. This is exactly what the Ducati Futa has to offer, with a peak power output of 250W and torque of 42 Nm. While this may not appear to be much, it goes a long way toward providing a very organic and dynamic pedal assist, ideal for traversing long distances and high altitudes.

Ducati Futa

The Futa has a torque and speed sensor, similar to the modern rider aids found in Ducati motorcycles, to provide seamless power distribution across a variety of road conditions. This gives the rider a consistent, non-synthetic pedal feel, allowing them to fine-tune the power delivery on each pedal stroke. Fully charging the battery, which weighs in around four kilograms, takes about three and a half hours. The bike can be linked to your smartphone using apps for iOS and Android. It also includes a Garmin remote that is built into the handlebar.

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