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Ducati adds the PRO-III e-scooter to its urban mobility lineup

Would you buy this e-scooter for P46,500?

Ducati PRO-III e-scooter

Ducati is globally renowned for its performance-oriented motorcycles like the Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4, but the brand has been branching out to mass-market electric urban mobility products. This time, the Italian bike manufacturer has added another model to its e-Mobility lineup. It’s the PRO-III electric scooter, and Ducati says it's the most advanced e-scooter it has ever built.

Ducati PRO-III e-scooter

The PRO-III features an aggressive look for an e-scooter. It looks sufficiently aerodynamic, while the understated livery and decals look well worthy of the Ducati name.

The scooter features a lightweight but sturdy magnesium alloy frame. At 17.5 kg, the PRO-III is a manageable ride that can cater to almost anyone. Ducati claims it can support riders up to 100 kg. 

Ducati PRO-III e-scooter

Inside the e-scooter is a 350W brushless motor that ekes out 515W of peak power. The unit connects to a 468Wh battery pack that delivers up to 50 km of range in a single charge. Charging time is around 9 hours with a 42V charger.

Braking power comes from a double front and rear disc setup with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). The system allows for regenerative braking, a feature used to regain power as the rider engages the brakes. The PRO-III also gets 10-inch tubeless tires for the front and rear.

Ducati PRO-III e-scooter

What Ducati appears the proudest of is the advanced tech features it packed on its latest e-scooter. The PRO-III has a 3.2-inch LED display for controlling various riding functions. Riders can choose between four riding modes that can change speeds between 6, 15, 20, and 25 km/h.

Ducati PRO-III e-scooter

There's also the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App. It allows owners to track the scooter's performance and request help when needed. All owners also get a unique NFC-powered token that acts as a key to unlock the PRO-III. The rider can simply tap the card on the display to start the e-scooter. This token helps add security by preventing unwanted riders from accessing the vehicle. Lastly, there's a USB port near the display for charging your smartphone on the go.

What's the price tag for Ducati's most technically advanced electric scooter? It's €799, or around P46,500. While that may be a bit steep, you do get the Ducati name and a bunch of practical tech features. The Ducati PRO-III will soon be available in Europe. Local availability is unknown, but some dealers have brought some of the brand's other e-Mobility offerings. The MIG-S electric mountain bike was recently made available in the Philippines for a whopping P435,000.

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