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Chinese manufacturer Zontes is working on a powerful three-cylinder engine

Zontes has a series of models lined up that will be powered by the new engine.

Zontes is working on a three-cylinder engine

For almost three years, Zontes, a motorcycle maker from China, has been generating excitement about their upcoming inline-three cylinder engine. Based on the available information, it appears to be a remarkably powerful one. At this point, we are aware that the engine will have a capacity of approximately 800cc and deliver more than 100 horsepower, which positions it competitively alongside similar engines from Japan and Europe.

Furthermore, what adds to the intrigue is Zontes' intended utilization of this engine across various platforms. Currently, Zontes has established its presence in the entry-level market with motorcycles ranging from 125cc to 300cc. Many of these models fall into the categories of naked bikes or adventure-tourers. Interestingly, Zontes plans to extend this trend to its larger 800cc lineup as well. Speculation suggests that Zontes will introduce three distinct models featuring the new triple engine: a sportbike, a naked bike, and an adventure-tourer.

New Zontes 3-cylinder engine

In terms of aesthetics, anticipate the motorcycles to showcase daring and futuristic designs, which have become characteristic of Zontes. A preview image of the upcoming naked bike, powered by the inline-three engine, reveals a streamlined and innovative appearance that stands out from the designs of other manufacturers. However, there hasn't been any official announcement regarding the release dates for these three platforms. 

In a recent article published by Motorrad Online, a German motorcycle magazine, the Zontes triple engine is compared directly to Yamaha's engine used in models like the XSR900 and MT-09. The similarities between the two engines are striking. It is worth noting that the practice of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers reverse-engineering Japanese engines is not a new phenomenon. Instances of Loncin replicating Honda's CB500 engine have been observed multiple times in the past.

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