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CFMOTO unveiled an all-new 675cc three-cylinder engine at EICMA 2023

What models could we soon expect to be powered by this new, potent engine?

CFMOTO unveiled an all-new 675cc three-cylinder engine at EICMA 2023

The landscape of Chinese motorcycle manufacturing has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when these manufacturers solely produced basic two-wheelers for everyday transportation. CFMOTO, in particular, stands out as a trailblazer in this transformation, spearheading the introduction of high-performance models that directly challenge their European, American, and Japanese counterparts.

At EICMA 2023, CFMOTO took the stage to unveil their most potent engine yet – a cutting-edge 675cc three-cylinder powerhouse. Notably, despite the engine's displacement inviting comparisons to the legendary Triumph 675cc engine, CFMOTO asserts that this is an entirely original in-house creation. This 675cc marvel excels in both weight management and robustness, achieved through ingenious design elements such as a low inertia crank for lightning-fast response and the inclusion of a slipper-assist clutch to ensure seamless downshifts.

CFMOTO unveiled an all-new 675cc three-cylinder engine at EICMA 2023

CFMOTO's new 675cc three-cylinder engine packs a punch with a promise of over 100 horsepower and 68 Newton-meters of torque, a combination that makes it perfectly suited for the demands of street riding. With a redline reaching an impressive 12,300 rpm, this powerplant also demonstrates its sporty capabilities by achieving a rapid 0 to 62 mph acceleration in just three seconds.

CFMOTO's focus on lightweight engineering shines through as they've employed forged aluminum to significantly trim the engine's weight, achieving a remarkable 10% reduction compared to rival powerplants. This meticulous approach results in an incredibly lean engine, tipping the scales at a mere 55 kilograms. In addition to the weight advantage, the use of forged aluminum pistons also plays a crucial role in enhancing throttle response by minimizing inertia, making for an even more dynamic and responsive riding experience.

As of now, the specific models that will be powered by CFMOTO's new 675cc three-cylinder engine remain shrouded in mystery. However, a tantalizing hint from CFMOTO's teaser video leads us to anticipate that this formidable powerplant will likely find its home in a high-performance sportbike, setting the stage for an exciting addition to their lineup.

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