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Check out CFMOTO’s new electric dirtbikes for kids

The CFMOTO CX-2E and CX-5E are designed to offer youngsters a solid foundation in the world of two wheels.

Check out CFMOTO’s new electric dirtbikes for kids

CFMOTO, a specialized manufacturer of Chinese motorcycles and powersports vehicles, has garnered significant attention in the global market in recent times. Here in the Philippines, CFMOTO has some of the best bang-for-buck motorcycles that combine impressive performance with modern technology. The brand is also all about tackling the grassroots of motorcycling, and has recently launched two new kid-focused electric motorcycles.

Check out CFMOTO’s new electric dirtbikes for kids

Incorporated within CFMOTO's product lineup are two new motorcycles intended for children. Named the CX-2E and CX-5E, these electric minibikes are meticulously crafted to provide young enthusiasts with a solid foundation for acquiring riding skills. CFMOTO emphasizes that these innovative electric bikes are formulated to develop safety and an enjoyable experience for young riders. 

Let’s start off with the CFMOTO CX-2E. This kid-oriented electric motorcycle stands as CFMOTO's introductory model, tailored for youngsters between the ages of four and seven. Engineered with a strong emphasis on safety and enjoyment, this user-friendly electric bike is particularly suitable for children under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Boasting a peak power output of 1,200 watts, it features 10-inch wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and a magnetic safety lanyard that promptly halts the bike in the event of a tumble or collision.

Additionally, CFMOTO introduces the CX-5E, targeting riders aged eight to twelve who are eager to progress in their expertise. This larger variant boasts a maximum power of 1,500 watts, an elevated ground clearance, and 14/12-inch wheels. These attributes collectively offer a distinctive motocross experience, meticulously crafted to aid young riders in honing their off-road riding capabilities.

Check out CFMOTO’s new electric dirtbikes for kids

At present, it’s not known just yet if CFMOTO Philippines will launch these kid-focused e-bikes in the local market. Nevertheless, pricing details have been disclosed for the Australian market. The CX-2E is slated with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $2,190 AUD, equivalent to roughly P80,388, whereas the CX-5E holds a suggested retail price of $2,490 AUD, approximately P91,400.

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