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Brixton Motorcycles to produce a Triumph Bonneville rival

Chinese motorcycle brands are stepping up their game.

Brixton 1200

Brixton motorcycles have already been a household name in Vietnam and Malaysia where their range of 150 cc motorcycles are available for sale and really popular in the country. Now, they’re dead set on taking on a legendary English motorcycle, the Triumph Bonneville.

Brixton 1200

During last year’s EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Brixton motorcycles first teased us with a 1200 concept motorcycle that undeniably resembles the Bonneville. They claimed that they were showing the capabilities of the brand to move into even higher capacity classes to prove the competence of Brixton motorcycles. While no official specs have been released at the moment, judging from its photos, it’s equipped with some budget J.Juan disc brakes, telescopic forks, and a shortened pea-shooter exhaust. 

Brixton 1200 Tail light
Brixton 1200 Headlight

In an official statement, Brixton motorcycles said, “It is a declared goal that this bike will also make it into series production. It has not yet decided when it will be. We want to create a technically mature vehicle without time pressure, which meets more than just the high-quality requirements in these cubic capacity classes.”

While there’s no denying that Brixton motorcycles are made in China, despite being named after a district of South London, England,  design and development of the Brixton 1200 concept were carried out in-house by the KSR Group in Krups, Austria, Brixton’s parent company and importer of its motorcycles into Europe. 

It should be remembered that about 60 years ago, whenever a Japanese motorcycle was seen in the streets of London, people would typically say “That Honda wouldn’t last five minutes against a British motorcycle,”. Fast forward to the present time, everyone is trying to catch up with the big four Japanese motorcycle marques. Given a few decades later, will we see the Chinese motorcycle brands getting ahead of the game? Only time will tell. 

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