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BMW Motorrad announces the R 12 nineT as the successor to the popular R nineT

It’s expected to be powered by a brand new 1,200cc boxer twin.

BMW R nineT

BMW Motorrad has recently unveiled the R 12 nineT as the next-generation model that will succeed the popular R nineT. The overall aesthetic of the R 12 nineT remains faithful to the styling that riders have grown to adore in the R nineT for the past ten years. However, the 12 in the name is indicative of a fresh 1200cc boxer engine, complete with a revamped intake and exhaust system, that will be the powerhouse for the upcoming generation of the series.

In commemoration of 100 years of BMW Motorrad and the ten-year anniversary of the release of the original BMW R nineT, BMW has unveiled the R 12 nineT. However, the automaker is currently only providing a sneak peek of this upcoming model, and complete information is not yet available. Nonetheless, here is what we can confirm at this time.

As for the bike's specifications, the R 12 nineT will feature an upside-down telescopic fork for the front suspension and a paralever setup for the rear suspension. Additionally, the front brakes will come with radially mounted four-piston calipers, and BMW has decided to use stainless steel braided brake lines as a standard feature. On the left-hand side, the exhaust system will exit with a "double muffler and conical end pieces," as described by the company. Moreover, the LED taillight unit is incorporated into the seat, resulting in a shortened tail look.

“The R nineT and its customizing concept established the new Heritage experience for BMW Motorrad's 90th birthday and has become an indispensable cornerstone of our model range. The new R 12 nineT continues the successful heritage story surrounding the legendary BMW boxer engines with an even more classic, reduced design language, even greater degrees of freedom when it comes to customizing and, last but not least, new and innovative technology."

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