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BMW Motorrad and TVS Motors celebrate decade-long partnership

The two companies have big plans for the future.

BMW Motorrad and TVS Motors celebrate decade-long partnership

The strategy of western motorcycle companies collaborating with Indian brands to extend their market presence is a familiar concept. This trend is quite prominent in the current landscape, particularly highlighted by recent bike introductions such as the Harley-Davidson X440 developed in partnership with Hero MotoCorp, as well as the Triumph Speed and Scrambler 400 models created through a collaboration with Bajaj.

BMW has been engaged in this practice for a decade now, and those who are well-versed with this collaboration are aware of the noteworthy partnership. The outcome of this joint effort is the G 310 series, which has proven to be remarkably successful for both BMW and its partner. To put it into perspective, the BMW G 310 lineup includes three models: the G 310 R, G 310 GS, and G 310 RR. Impressively, these models constituted a substantial 90 percent of BMW Motorrad India's motorcycle sales in the initial half of 2023. In specific numbers, BMW managed to sell over 4,000 units of G 310 motorcycles in the first six months of 2023 alone, marking a significant achievement for the German brand.

“This 10th anniversary is an impressive proof of the success and strength of the collaboration between BMW Motorrad and TVS Motor. What began 10 years ago has developed into an extraordinary success story. Our strong synergies have led to the development of impressive offerings in the sub-500cc segment. Since the launch, BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS single-cylinder models continue to enjoy unrivaled popularity and have become a key pillar of BMW Motorrad's worldwide success."
BMW Motorrad and TVS Motors celebrate decade-long partnership

In addition to the impressive triumph of the G 310 series, the collaboration between TVS and BMW persists in their joint efforts to create fresh frameworks and technological advancements that will influence the trajectory of mobility in the times to come. Notably, the newly introduced BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle stands as a testament to this partnership. This innovative model was, in fact, a product born from the collaborative design and development efforts of both TVS and BMW.

"With the extension and expansion of this partnership towards future technologies and sustainable mobility solutions, we are also in discussions to expand our manufacturing network beyond India to cater to our future growth under this partnership, including the recently unveiled BMW CE 02. We look forward to working closely on developing platforms targeted towards the global urban centric markets and the uber-cool next generation of consumers.”

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