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Bajaj unveils a new fully-faired Pulsar 400

It’s a bigger version of our very own Kawasaki Bajaj RS200.

Bajaj Pulsar RS400

Bajaj is one of the motorcycle giants in India. They’ve collaborated with other giant brands in the industry including KTM, Kawasaki, and Triumph, allowing them to produce motorcycles under license agreements with these brands including the KTM Duke and the Kawasaki Dominar 400 with engines bearing the Bajaj branding. Bajaj has just recently unveiled one of their latest motorcycle offerings, a fully-faired lightweight sports bike called the Pulsar 400 which is based on the same Kawasaki Bajaj Dominar 400 available in the Philippines.

Bajaj Pulsar RS400

The Pulsar 400 takes the same design traits from its smaller counterpart, the Pulsar 200, which is available here as the Kawasaki-Bajaj RS 200, with sporty elements of style. It is powered by a 373 cc triple-spark single-cylinder engine capable of producing 40 hp and  35 Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed transmission. It’s also the same engine used with the KTM Duke 390 which they also partnered up with. The Pulsar 400 is designed to be more of a commuter budget-friendly sport-oriented motorcycle, rather than a high-performance entry sports bike. This means many of its components will likely be made more for budget purposes rather than more premium performance. 

We can expect conventional non-adjustable telescopic forks, mechanical pre-load adjustable rear shocks, a single, non-radial mounted front brake, LED lights, and a digital dashboard. Don’t expect to get more premium tech features such as different riding modes, slipper clutch, or ride-by-wire throttle. It’s safe to assume that it will come standard with two-channel ABS like most motorcycles do nowadays but without cornering functions. 

While there’s no doubt that the Pulsar 400 will be produced by an Indian motorcycle giant, Bajaj, it’s reported that the bike wouldn’t be made available in its home country. Indonesia is looking to be the first nation to have the Pulsar 400 available in their market. With that in mind, we may also see the Pulsar 400 in the Philippines, perhaps under the Kawasaki badge, and be renamed as the Kawasaki-Bajaj RS400, just as the RS200 is available here and seeing some success in our market. 

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