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Bajaj PH launched the RE – a tricycle with a flexible fuel system

A modern alternative to the traditional tricycle.

2019 Baja RE

Bajaj Philippines launched the RE – a low maintenance three-wheel motorcycle. The company hopes that the RE can be a modern-day alternative to the traditional tricycle. According to Bajaj, the RE can provide the best mileage and low carbon dioxide emissions without sacrificing performance. 

Powering the Bajaj RE is a 198.8cc motor producing 11 hp and 18 Nm torque when running on gasoline. It can also be run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) but the power figures will be adjusted accordingly. On CNG, the RE makes 10 hp and 14.9 Nm of torque. A third fuel option is LPG, which makes the RE produce 11 hp and 15.2 Nm of torque. The three-wheeler’s speed maxes out at 65 km/h. 

Having the flexibility to swap fuel sources makes the vehicle more adaptable to multiple circumstances where certain fuel sources are more expensive or limited.

The frame is made of reinforced steel alloy body. Dimensions for the three-wheeled motorcycle comes in at 2,635mm for length, 1,300mm for width, and 1,710mm for height. It even features a minimum ground clearance of 200mm. It rides on double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. The passenger compartment is also put behind the driver making the entry and exit easier when compared to a traditional tricycle. 

The Philippines is a very unique market for motorcycles, most especially when it comes to the traditional Philippine tricycle. Bajaj RE is the world’s number one three-wheeler, with a worldwide market share of nearly 80% and over 5 million vehicles already on the road

The RE is ideal for those who need a small vehicle to go on short errands as well as an alternative for those who want to get into the tricycle transport business. Thanks to its flexible fuel system, the RE can adapt to almost any fuel situation. It will also give you the best performance that it can give you out of its 200cc powertrain no matter the fuel being used. It also already has seen use in places like Visayas and Mindanao. Pricing for the three-wheeled vehicle starts at P178,999.

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