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Anti-drag racing bill approved by congress

Harsher penalties for those caught engaging in illegal racing.

Anti-drag racing bill approved by congress

It goes without saying that engaging in drag racing on public roads poses a major threat to the safety and peace and order of the people and property in the vicinity. Over the past years, a number of serious injuries and even deaths have been reported due to this illegal activity. In line with this, House Bill 8916, authored by Quezon City Rep. Precious Hipolito-Castelo, or more commonly known as the anti-drag racing bill, has been approved by congress on its final reading.

Unanimously voted for at 205-to-0, the bill will now be sent to the Senate for approval of a counterpart measure. The bill seeks to impose severe penalties for individuals engaging in illegal street racing. Although the bill is named the anti-drag racing bill, it doesn’t necessarily encompass drag racing alone, but other types of illegal racing as well. This means that there could soon be crackdowns on the motorcycle racing in Marilaque—a hot topic which has gone viral numerous times. 

House Bill 8916 defines drag racing as “a road race involving two or more vehicles driven side by side within a specified distance at accelerating speeds with the objective to outdo each other, or the employment of vehicles not necessarily driven side by side over a common course for the purpose of determining the relative speeds or power of acceleration of the vehicles.” It covers all types of motorized vehicles ranging from electric scooters, motorcycles, cars, and even public utility vehicles (PUVs).

Harsh penalties await those who will be caught engaging in street racing. First-time offenders will have their driver’s license suspended for six months. Those caught a second time will have their licenses revoked. On top of this, a fine ranging from P300,000 to P500,000, as well as a one-year prison sentence may be imposed. Lastly, all apprehended vehicles will immediately be impounded.

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