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2021 Ducati Monster coming to showrooms in April

We can’t wait to see this bike in the metal.

2021 Ducati Monster coming to showrooms in April

For world-renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, 2021 is a year of many firsts. For starters, the House Of Borgo Panigale has rolled out their first motorcycle sans-desmodromic valves in the form of the Multistrada V4. Ducati has long been synonymous with desmodromic valves, with all of their motorcycles featuring this unique valve-actuation system. On top of this, the latest iteration of Ducati’s most popular motorcycle model, the Monster, has lost one of its most iconic features: the exposed trellis frame.

Despite these changes coming as a surprise to purist Ducatisti, Ducati has made these changes to bring out the best in their already stellar fleet of motorcycles. Ducati Philippines has recently launched the Multistrada V4 for P1.7 million, and we’ve already begun seeing this ultra high-tech adventure bike in the wild. However, for those of you who fancy a more lightweight, performance-oriented machine, chances are you’ve been eagerly waiting for the release of Il Mostro, Ducati’s most popular motorcycle ever created. At long last, the wait for the 2021 Ducati Monster is nearly coming to an end, with the Varese company announcing that global deliveries of the bike will commence in April of this year. 

2021 Ducati Monster Wheelie
2021 Ducati Monster Burnout

So, what makes this Monster so special? Yes, there have been countless iterations of the Monster over the past two-and-a-half decades, however, none of them ever bore as much sophistication and overall performance as the upcoming model. The 2021 Ducati Monster drops all pretenses and has been designed to give the purest and most exciting form of motorcycling. Now lighter and nimbler than ever, Ducati has built the new Monster as a naked bike from the ground up—not as a naked iteration of a sportbike. So what does this all mean? Well, we can expect the new Ducati Monster to offer a different level of exhilaration as compared to that of its predecessors. 

If Ducati’s press images are anything to go by, it would appear that the new Monster has the potential to unleash your inner hoonigan. When was the last time we saw Ducati test riders popping wheelies and doing burnouts on the Monster? Equipped with a 937cc L-twin, liquid-cooled engine, the new bike produces an energetic 111 horsepower. While this may not be as much as the big daddy Monster 1200, the bike’s featherweight 160kg makes it one of the lightest Monsters to date. For reference, that’s over 20kg lighter than the current flagship Monster 821. 

2021 Ducati Monster

While the global release of the 2021 Ducati Monster is slated for April, we can expect the new bike to begin entering the local market shortly thereafter. If the launch of the Multistrada V4 was anything to go by, perhaps the new Monster will be in Philippine shores by the second half of the year. Until then, the Ducati Monster 821, with a price tag starting at P855,000 continues to be the best-selling bike in the Monster range.

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