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The 2018 Primavera and Sprint are now available at Vespa dealers

Vespa will always be Vespa. Just look at these new scooter models.

2018 Vespa Primavera and Sprint

Vespa Philippines introduced the 2018 Primavera and Sprint to stir up the scooter segment once again. The classic-looking Primavera 150 and its sporty offshoot, the Sprint 150 were launched at the Vespa dealership in Bonifacio Global City and both are a nod to the past – a Vespa signature. 

Vespa’s popularity in small-bodied scooters goes back 72 years ago as of this writing. The 2018 Primavera and Sprint still embody the signature architecture of the Italian brand and still pays huge respect to Vespa’s history. The 2018 Primavera’s modernized classic look is an irresistible sight of the night. Its charm was so good that it caught a buyer’s eye the very night it was unveiled. A gentleman named Eugenio Buenaventura was the first buyer of the 2018 Primavera Yacht Club special edition.

Celebrating its 50th birthday this year, the Primavera 150cc’s got the classic round headlight (now LED, along with the redesigned rear light), 12-inch aluminum-alloy wheels in five-spoke design, a distinctive “tie” on the front, and chrome crest on the front mudguard. The stylish scooter is equipped with a 155cc, latest-generation four-stroke engine with 13 hp and 13 Nm of torque. It has 8 liters of fuel tank capacity, including a 2-liter reserve.

The Primavera’s sporty counterpart Sprint, which is distinguished by its boxy headlight. It is geared towards a more modern look in the ‘60s, which was designed to target younger riders since then. It features a light steel body and is characterized by youthful lines. Like the Primavera, it also carries a front “tie”, 12-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, and LED head- and taillight. The Sprint carries the same 155cc engine as to the Primavera, which also has the same power output. 

What’s even greater with the Sprint is that it comes with an ABS technology, plus a double-acting shock absorber rear suspension system. Well, we’re looking at a more pleasurable riding comfort and safer city stroll. 

Vespa Philippines is offering the Primavera 150 at P185,000, while the Sprint 150 is at P205,000.

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