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Top 5 best beginner motorcycle upgrades

If you’re new to bikes, chances are you want to spruce up your ride—here are a few things to consider.

Top 5 best beginner motorcycle upgrades

Just like many aspects of life, we often enjoy personalizing our motorcycles to align with our unique tastes and preferences. It's worth noting that motorcycles aren't one-size-fits-all, and manufacturers invest significant effort in research and development to create a bike that satisfies a broad range of riders' expectations. However, what if you acquire a new motorcycle and discover that there are certain aspects you'd like to modify? Fortunately, this is where the aftermarket industry becomes relevant. So, let's explore what potential upgrades you might contemplate for your motorcycle, particularly if you aim to enhance your riding experience for greater satisfaction and comfort.


Motorcycle tires

One of the most crucial components of your motorbike is the tire. It's fairly alarming to think that only this small piece of rubber is in charge of keeping you rubber side down and shiny side up, despite the fact that it's frequently disregarded. Having saying that, it's crucial to constantly keep your tires in excellent condition. After all, the state of your tires may very well determine whether you live or die. However, if you recently purchased a motorbike on a tight budget, it's likely that it came with low-quality tires that may be lacking in traction and general performance. It will be worthwhile for you to invest in a more expensive, performance-focused set in place of them.

Brake pads and lines

Motorcycle brake pads

The brakes on your motorbike are without a doubt one of the most important parts of your two-wheeled steed. It goes without saying that it is crucial to make sure your bike's brakes are in excellent condition. Cheaper motorcycles have basic braking systems that are prone to early fade and wear, just like inexpensive tires. The performance of your brakes can be significantly enhanced by switching to a set of better performance steel-sintered or organic brake pads. The same goes for switching to steel braided brake lines for your bike, which often have less flex and higher heat tolerances than conventional rubber lines.


Motorcycle grips

One of the easiest, quickest, and least expensive methods to improve your riding experience is by replacing your handlebar grips. Riders have the option of replacing the conventional handlebar grips with ones made of a softer material, which will lessen friction strain on your skin and via your gloves while also reducing handlebar vibrations. Additionally, in order to fit your hand size, some manufacturers provide a range of sizes. Customizing the grip material and grip size to your needs can benefit your hands and arms and make riding for long periods of time much more enjoyable.


Motorcycle saddle

A touring seat will considerably improve your ride's comfort if you're riding for several hours or days at a time. Since the entire seat is frequently changed, touring seats are normally sold by the motorcycle's manufacturer or by trustworthy third parties. Touring seats include a higher-quality cushion material and are developed with comfort in mind. The cost of purchasing a seat that is custom-made to fit your motorbike will be worth it even if upgrading to a touring seat is sometimes a more expensive choice.


Kawasaki ZH2 SE

The final improvement you can make to improve rider comfort is to update your suspension system. Because worn-out suspension components are unable to delicately reduce road bumps, they might provide the rider an unsettling and unsteady experience. Rear shocks may be repaired or replaced, and front forks can benefit from a new supply of premium fork oil. Assuring top-notch suspension quality will significantly improve your ride's enjoyment and associated comfort.

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