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Motorcycle riding tips for women

Shout out to the women on two wheels.

Motorcycle riding tips for women

Men are often depicted as the ones going out of the house and exploring the world on two wheels, but lady riders do exist and deserve time in the limelight as well. 

Ladies, don’t be afraid to saddle up on a motorcycle, but here are some tips for you to consider if you’re currently riding, or are considering riding. Whether you’re significant other is a rider, or you’re getting into this hobby on your own, here are some tips for you to consider before and while you ride on two wheels. 

Buy the right bike

Lady Rider Tips

It’s all about the fit. Just like your favorite dress or your best pair of shoes, the fit is queen. A motorcycle is pretty much the same deal. You want to make sure that you fit on the motorcycle otherwise, you will have a hard time starting out.

The metric that you want to look out for is seat height. While that’s easy enough to search online or on our bike guides, try out the motorcycle in the showroom so you can get a feel of how you fit on it. You want to see if you can comfortably reach the ground with one or even both feet. If a bike is too tall, ask the manufacturer if it comes with a lowered seat. If so, then you can probably get away with a tall bike. 

If you need a quick list of bikes that have short seat heights, most of CFMOTO’s lineup have seat heights that are very friendly to beginners. Often coming under the 800mm mark, most beginners will find it easy to mount a 400 NK or every 650 NK. However, that’s big bike territory. That being said, most small-displacement motorcycles, except for dual-sport and adventure bikes, will be approachable for most. If you’re a seasoned rider, though, definitely expand your horizons when it comes to your motorcycle choices. 

With all that being said, you can ride anything that you want. Just make sure that you have the right skills before you mount a high horsepower bike. Now that may seem like there is a hint of inequality in that statement, don’t worry because no human, whether male or female, is exempt from making a mistake. Regardless of gender, be careful and equip yourself with the right skills to ride first before you trade up to something more exciting. Either that or just hop on and arm yourself with discipline. 

Buy the right gear

HJC Helmet Selection

It’s a bit unfair how women get the short end of the stick when it comes to motorcycle gear. Most of the stock kept in shops is in men’s sizing, while only a certain number of items are made and tailored for curves. However, there is a benefit to this as women’s sizes and styles are often in stock at your local gear shop—lucky! Get proper protection and never leave the house without it. Always remember your helmet, long-sleeve top, pants, gloves, and boots whenever you ride. Stay away from thin articles of clothing, or better yet, get full-fledged motorcycle protective gear. 

That being said, please keep in mind protective gear must fit properly. Make sure that all the armor pads are nice and secure on your shoulders, elbows, back, chest, hips, and knees. More importantly, buy the right helmet for your head. Make sure that you at least get an ECE-rated helmet. 

Practice makes perfect

Lady Riding Tips

Search on YouTube, or head over to Google and type what you want to know about riding a motorcycle. Take a class as well for good measure. Anyone starting out must know how to operate a clutch and actually balance on a motorcycle, if you plan to only ride automatic, you can make do without the clutch, but we recommend that you learn manual first before anything else. It also goes without saying, but get a driver’s license and the appropriate restrictions for riding a motorcycle. 

After that, it’s an uphill battle. Get into some good riding habits. Get used to the rear brake, commute on a motorcycle, and finally, get a feel for what you need to bring with you on a ride. As long as you continue to practice and get some saddle time, then you’ll definitely improve. 

Join a group

Join a Group Ride

If you’re passionate about riding, chances are there are some people in your community who are also just as interested in riding a motorcycle as you. Whether you’re looking for some thrills on track, or some friends to simply explore the world on two wheels, there is a group for you. 

There are also lady riding groups that you can join. A quick search on Facebook will reveal that there is an abundance of female enthusiasts that love the lifestyle of being on a bike. Whether you have a preference for chic Vespas or fast sportbikes, then there should be a group that’ll appeal to you. In short, you’ll be in for a surprise as to how many lady riders there are. We know plenty of women in the industry that have taken up riding whether it be in the Philippines or in the international scene. Still, there are more men, but the number of women on two wheels must grow. 

It’s important to make sure that you act accordingly when riding in a group. Apart from checking your mirrors and not getting in anyone’s way, be sure to familiarize yourself with rider etiquette as well as the proper hand signals that you may need to take note of or do while on a ride. 

Don’t get discouraged

Royal Enfield Motorcycle

The motorcycle community is definitely a male-dominated space, but don’t let that give you the impression that only men can pilot motorcycles. Nobody should stop you from hopping on a bike and riding off into the sunset. Some people will gatekeep women into thinking that they’re not supposed to be riding a motorcycle. The only reply to that statement is to prove them wrong and do what you want to do. 

Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot handle a motorcycle. If you have a passion to learn and ride, then that’s all you need to get started. Just make sure you set aside the budget to buy a motorcycle, gear, and the time in order to learn and get good. 

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