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How to protect your motorcycle against mice

You can sleep soundly again with these anti-mice solutions.

How to protect your motorcycle against mice

Mice have long been the adversaries of motorists everywhere. They're sneaky, they operate at night, and they can silently and single-handedly destroy a vehicle's electrical components. These rodents tend to be attracted to the city, where the maze-like urban structures serve as playgrounds and hiding spots. 

What else is common on our streets? Motorcycles. Whether you have a scooter, naked bike, or sportbike, the pairing of mouse and motorcycle can be a match made in hell. The nuisance rats provide can be enough for some riders to want to pull their hair out. If you've been struggling with a mouse or rat problem, let us help you find a solution for protecting your motorcycle.

Park your bike in a well-lit area

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Mice are nocturnal creatures. This means that they prefer scavenging for food from dusk until dawn when most people are asleep and unaware. It's no surprise why we never seem to catch mice in the act.

One solution for this is to keep your bike parked in an area where light is abundant. Unless desperate, mice will generally avoid staying in bright places. Use this to your advantage by keeping a small light on inside your garage or parking area. Consider investing in bright LED spotlights for maximum protection. 

Ride your bike regularly

This may be a no-brainer for some riders, but believe it or not, some people store their bikes for long periods without touching them. Mice love areas where they can be alone, and when your motorcycle hasn't moved for a long time, it can become a prime candidate for a mouse hideout.

If you keep your bike stored for weeks and weeks on end, don't be surprised if one, two, or ten rats start showing up uninvited. The best thing to do here is to start your bike and ride it around town every once in a while, so the rodents know your parking space is not a welcome place for them.

Get an anti-rodent spray


There are many products out there designed to repel mice. Rodents hate the natural ingredients inside these products. Ingredients such as peppermint oil and rosemary have been proven to offend mice, so look for a product that features these natural repellants.

If you do get an anti-rodent spray, make sure you cover the parts of your bike where mice can cling to, such as the wheels, fenders, footpegs, and center stand. Note that spraying repellant regularly may not be good for your motorcycle overall, so if you're going with this solution, be sure to wash your bike regularly as well.

Invest in a motion-sensing security camera

While more of an extreme measure, when things get bad, you may have to resort to this to protect your beloved motorcycle. You could look for a motion-sensing security camera from a reputable brand. With this watching your bike, you can rest through the night knowing that you'll always be informed when something happens.

When this type of camera functions properly, it can detect even the slightest motions happening around your bike. Plus, it has the added advantage of detecting creatures that are not mice, such as stray cats or dogs. Used in combination with the measures mentioned above, you could have a bullet-proof rodent solution in your hands.


No one wants their motorcycle's componentry to be damaged by anything, let alone mice. Trying the solutions mentioned above can help you combat these pesky creatures. If you're smart about where you keep your bike and apply some ingenious tricks, you could be a few steps closer to erasing this problem altogether.

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