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Remember to always wear the prescribed motorcycle helmet

The i-ACT continues catching violators every day.

Remember to always wear the prescribed motorcycle helmet

Since the start of the pandemic, countless commuters have made the shift to personal mobility. Be it via a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle, the volume of two-wheeled vehicles traversing the city streets increased substantially. Understandably so, as having your own personal means of transportation ensures that you keep social distance, and effectively lower your chances of catching the virus. However, as it would turn out, commuters have begun taking another important safety element for granted.

The Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (i-ACT) has been hard at work ensuring the safety of the commuting public since the start of the pandemic exactly one year ago. Their job, which continues to this day, is to monitor daily traffic, and ensure that safety standards—both in curbing the spread of the virus, as well as traffic safety—are always being followed. Unfortunately, the most common violators are motorcycle riders who are caught not wearing the prescribed safety helmet.

Unsurprisingly, there are in fact rules when it comes to the type of helmet you’re allowed to wear while riding or driving a motorcycle. For starters, said helmet must be designed for use on a motorcycle. That means no bicycle helmets, skateboard helmets, construction hard hats, or any other makeshift device to protect your head. Now it may seem convenient and more comfortable wearing these alternatives instead of a proper motorcycle helmet, however, as the saying goes, we often regret things after it's far too late. So, while it may be slightly uncomfortable, wearing the proper motorcycle helmet as prescribed by the i-ACT should always be observed—remember that it’s your head you’re protecting. 

If you don’t think your head is that important, then maybe the hefty penalties imposed for not wearing the proper helmet will dissuade you from committing the violation. According to RA 10054, or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009, the penalty for not wearing a motorcycle-specific helmet is P1,500. If you’re one to not learn from his or her mistakes, this penalty can soar all the way up to P10,000, including the revocation of your driver’s license for repeat-offenders.

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