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Here’s why the Yamaha MT-15 is an excellent daily commuter

We look at Yamaha’s entry-level premium naked streetfighter in a bit more detail.

Yamaha MT-15

There’s no denying the Yamaha Philippines has been absolutely killing it in the premium small displacement motorcycle segment lately. With its entire 155cc lineup boasting impressive sales performance in the local market, Yamaha is certainly going at full throttle in the Philippine market. Last week, we attended Yamaha’s press launch for the all new Yamaha Sniper 155. Needless to say, we were very impressed. 

Today, we take a look at a motorcycle which Yamaha has been offering for quite some time now, and has become a favorite among commuters and enthusiasts alike. The smallest bike in Yamaha’s Master of Torque model range, let’s break down a few details about the MT-15, as well as a few reasons why this aggressively styled naked bike would make for an excellent daily commuter. 

Head-turning styling

Yamaha MT-15 headlight

First of all, when you take a look at the Yamaha MT-15, it can be extremely easy to mistake it for one of the bigger bikes in Yamaha’s stable. It’s muscular stance, angular bodywork, and full LED lighting truly gives the MT-15 a thoroughly premium aesthetic, while Yamaha’s consistently impressive fit and finish figures prominently on this machine. 

The Yamaha MT-15 follows the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer’s design aesthetic for the Master of Torque moniker extremely well. As such it’s a perfect fit in Yamaha’s premium street bike range, and serves as an excellent starter bike especially for those who are looking to progress up the displacement ladder under the Yamaha brand. 

Impressive engine

Yamaha MT-15 Engine

Yamaha has been dominating the premium, entry-level motorcycle segment thanks largely in part to its class-leading 155cc motor. Found in quite a number of Yamaha’s bikes, the MT-15 is equipped with Team Blue’s 155cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. This high-tech, compact motor features Yamaha’s VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology. Designed specifically to maximize efficiency at low RPMs while boosting performance in the upper reaches of the rev range, it aids the engine in producing a peak power output of 19 hp. 

Premium features

Yamaha MT-15

It can be argued that the Yamaha MT-15 is largely responsible for setting the bar higher when it comes to premium, entry-level street-oriented motorcycles in the local market. Some of these premium features include a fully digital LCD instrument panel, a full set of LED lights front and rear, as well as impressive suspension and braking components.

When swinging a leg over the bike, it’s clear to see that Yamaha has been putting in the hours when it comes to working on the fit and finish. The Yamaha MT-15 truly boasts overall quality which was once only found in more expensive, high-displacement machines. 

Lightweight chassis

Yamaha MT-15

One of the most important aspects when it comes to daily commuter motorcycles is ease-of-use, and overall riding comfort. Thankfully, Yamaha has built the MT-15 on the same sporty, lightweight chassis as the YZF-R15 sportbike. This means that the Yamaha MT-15 isn’t just a sporty machine, but an agile, flickable sporty commuter which is sure to add a dash of excitement to your daily ride. 

The Yamaha MT-15 boasts an impressive 138 kg curb weight which lends itself to sporty and enjoyable riding. Equipped with beefy inverted forks, front and rear disc brakes, and a rigid, lightweight frame, the MT-15 is undeniably an impressive all around performer. 

Affordable price tag

Yamaha MT-15

With a price tag of P159,000, there’s no denying that the Yamaha MT-15 demands quite a premium price. However, if you consider the amount of technology and high-end features Yamaha has packed into this bike, it certainly presents itself with incredible value for money. Available in three attractive color options consisting of Ice Fluo, Matte Blue, and Tech Black, the MT-15 appeals to a wide variety of riders with varying tastes when it comes to style. 

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