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Here’s why the Ducati Monster is the best everyday Ducati

Ducati’s iconic naked bike is the best it’s ever been.

Here’s why the Ducati Monster is the best everyday Ducati

The Ducati Monster is easily distinguishable from other contemporary motorcycles and has played a significant role in shaping the modern-day naked motorcycle style. It comes in various forms and sizes, and its production method is as straightforward as removing the fairings from Ducati's high-performance sportbikes. Although not a pure sportbike without its fairings, the Ducati Monster still showcases the energetic, athletic, and performance-focused essence of Ducati's sportbike line.

The 2022 version of the Ducati Monster is the most performance-focused iteration ever manufactured by the House of Borgo Panigale. Although it is quite pricey here in the Philippines, it boasts impressive features to justify its cost. Here are five things that we appreciate about the Ducati Monster, specifically in its current form.

Top-tier performance

The Ducati Monster boasts a 937cc 90-degree V-twin engine, also known as an L-twin in Ducati terminology. This liquid-cooled and fuel-injected engine is equipped with advanced technology and generates an impressive 111 horsepower in sport mode. When the bike is set to Urban mode, the power output is reduced to a more manageable 75 horsepower, placing it in the same category as other middleweight naked bikes on the market.

The engine is packed with several technological features, including traction control, wheelie control, and launch control for swift starts at traffic lights. Additionally, Ducati has managed to reduce the engine's weight despite increasing its displacement, which is an impressive feat compared to the previous Monster 821.

The do-it-all naked formula

2023 Ducati Monster 937

With its numerous enhancements and features, the new Ducati Monster is an extremely versatile motorcycle that can compete with premium products from the Japanese big four. The bike's ride modes are customizable, allowing it to be adjusted to various rider skill levels. Its lightweight construction also makes it a practical choice for daily commuting.

Furthermore, Ducati has made considerable efforts to enhance the engine's durability and lifespan. The Monster's 937cc Desmodromic engine now boasts a longer service interval of 15,000 kilometers between oil changes and a 30,000-kilometer period between valve adjustments, making maintenance less frequent and more convenient.

The current generation Ducati Monster is lighter than ever before

2023 Ducati Monster 937

Ducati enthusiasts who are familiar with the Monster will notice a significant change in the latest iteration. Ducati has abandoned the classic trellis frame that has been a staple feature in every previous Monster model and replaced it with a more conventional backbone chassis that utilizes the engine as a stressed member. This engineering upgrade has two main benefits.

Firstly, it enhances torsional rigidity, resulting in a more responsive handling experience. Secondly, it significantly reduces the overall weight of the bike. The current generation Ducati Monster now weighs just 188 kg with a full tank of gas, making it one of the lightest Monsters ever produced by Ducati thanks to these engineering changes.

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