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Ducati equips the DesertX with new tech features, livery for 2023

Turn-by-turn navigation and a striking new RR22 colorway are set to make their way to the market in 2023.

Ducati equips the DesertX with new tech features, livery for 2023

It goes without saying that the Ducati DesertX could very well be the Italian marque's most off-road capable machine, and one that tickles the fancy of adventure-hungry Ducatisti. Finally, those who yearned for a bike with more robust off-road capabilities got what they wanted—and in a very appealing package, in keeping with Ducati's customary style standards. To make things even better, the DesertX has just been upgraded to include integrated turn-by-turn navigation for 2023.

2023 Ducati DesertX

If you wish to show Turn-By-Turn navigation on your DesertX, you'll need the most recent version of the Ducati Link phone app, a user license activation, and a Bluetooth connection between the Ducati Multimedia System and your preferred smartphone. All you have to do from there is enter the location of your choice. Turn-by-turn navigation will appear on your display and you will hear it in your helmet if you are also using a Bluetooth helmet communicator.

Additionally, the revised system allows you to download navigation data and maps in advance. This is particularly useful if you expect to traverse regions with poor or intermittent signal. Conversely, if you decide to keep the phone connected, you can also get real-time traffic information if you're traveling in a place where it's useful—say, busy suburban areas where detours and re-routes are commonplace.

2023 Ducati DesertX

In addition to being a new feature on the DesertX, the highly anticipated Diavel V4 will include a turn-by-turn navigation system, and other models throughout the current Ducati lineup will get it soon, according to Ducati. It sounds like a helpful addition to the connectivity that Ducati offers on its bikes for ease and safety, and altogether, an outstanding addition to Ducati's already bewildering collection of technology.

Of course, Ducati didn’t just leave the update for the DesertX beneath its skin. Ducati’s always been about being proud of what you have and flexing it for the world to see. Due to this, Ducati also modified the DesertX liveries that are currently available for 2023. Both the Matte Star White Silk colorway, which gave it its global debut, and the magnificent new RR22 livery, which gives the adventure-enduro a daring new look unlike anything we've ever seen from Ducati before, will soon be made available.

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