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Here are the best security upgrades you can do on your motorcycle

Having any or all of these things can greatly deter thieves from getting hold of your prized possession.

Here are the best security upgrades you can do on your motorcycle

Understandably, our motorcycles are extremely precious to us, and can even be considered as our most prized possessions. As such, it’s natural for us to want to keep our belongings safe and keep prying eyes (and eventually, hands) away from them. These days, most motorcycles are equipped with a certain degree of security features such as locks and immobilizers. However, these can only go so far in preventing thieves from having a go at our beloved two-wheelers.

Luckily, the aftermarket is rife with options when it comes to boosting the security features of our motorcycles. It doesn’t matter whether your bike is big or small, expensive or cheap, you’ll always want to keep it safe and protected. All that being said, here are a few security-related items that are absolutely worth spending for. 

Immobilizer or Alarm

Motorcycle immobilizer

Most premium motorcycles come equipped with a built-in immobilizer. These systems make use of a microchip embedded in your key which matches with a sensor on your motorcycle’s igniton. Only then will you be able to start the engine. Should the keys fail to match, the system will not grant access to the system. Now, not all motorcycles are equipped with this, but there are several aftermarket options that offer a similar benefit. Some fancy security systems even have motion sensors which sound an alarm and flash LED lights on your key fob. 

Disc brake lock

Disc brake lock

Motorcycles are incredibly light and can easily be rolled out of your garage by a single person. Keeping your motorcycle locked in place with a disc brake lock makes it incredibly difficult for thieves to roll your motorcycle. They’ll have to somehow find a way to carry the bike off the ground and onto a van or pickup truck—a lot of work which can take too much time for them to slip by undetected. Higher-end disc locks even have a built in alarm which will sound once the lock makes contact with your brake caliper. Cheaper ones don’t have an alarm system, but will prevent your motorcycle from being rolled away nonetheless. 

Tracking device

Motorcycle tracking device

This one’s a little fancy, but there are products designed specifically for this purpose. Just like your iPhone, you can outfit your motorcycle with a tracking device in order for you to be able to constantly monitor its whereabouts. Not only is this useful for making it easy to track your motorcycle in the unfortunate event of theft, but it’s also useful if you happen to find yourself lending your motorcycle to a friend or acquaintance whom you have a hard time trusting. Fancy tracking systems will connect to your bike’s battery and will have their own mobile application to view the bike’s location. However, people have used Apple AirTags to similar benefit in the past. 

Comprehensive insurance

Motorcycle insurance

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to keep our belongings safe, thieves can always find a way to get their hands on them and snatch our beloved two-wheelers from our possession. When this happens, there’s little more we can do than to report it to the authorities. Having a comprehensive insurance package specifically for your motorcycle is a valuable safetynet in situations like this. Apart from that, insurance coverage ensures your motorcycle’s safety in the event of an accident or damage from natural disasters, effectively letting you keep the value of your motorcycle no matter what. 

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