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5 things you should know before buying a new Vespa

Maybe these 5 things will convince you to finally pull the trigger on that stylish Italian scooter.

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

Vespa’s scooters are by far among the most instantly recognizable vehicles on the road. Often imitated but never duplicated, Vespa has transformed itself from a mere scooter manufacturer to a fashion icon known the world over for its stylish, fashionable two-wheelers. 

In the local market, Vespa has garnered quite the following, especially among the younger, hip motorcycling community. Head over to the fancy side of town, say, Burgos Circle, on any Sunday morning, and you’ll be in for a feast for the eyes when it comes to fancy Vespas of all shapes and sizes. Having said all that, here are 5 reasons why Vespas are amazing scooters, and totally worth your hard earned cash. 

You're buying a piece of motorcycle history

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

When it comes to styling, no other two-wheeler manufacturer does it quite like Vespa. Translating to wasp in Italian, Vespa has transformed itself from a scooter manufacturer to an international fashion icon, thanks largely in part to its iconic styling. Embodied by streamlined bodywork, all Vespas share the same swooping lines and relaxed ergonomics, with a mix of retro styling such as a square or round headlight, and a beautiful cantilever front suspension setup. 

Impressive performance is part of the package

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

It doesn’t really matter what model of Vespa you buy, you’re guaranteed with impressive performance which translates to an engaging and enjoyable ride. Most of Vespa’s engines make use of modern-day power plants equipped with a three-valve cylinder head and electronic fuel-injection. This provides a responsive throttle feel and fuel-efficient performance. To top it all off, modern-day Vespas are equipped with basic safety features including ABS and even traction on some of its high-end models. 

Vespa scooters are reliable

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

Interestingly, Vespa, unlike its fellow Italian two-wheeler manufacturers, is known for its dependability and reliability. It isn’t an uncommon sight to see Vespas from the 1960s and 1970s still alive and kicking today. In fact, a whole community of retro Vespa enthusiasts continues to thrive, even in the local market. Meanwhile, Vespa’s modern-day models continue to impress with their reliability and ease of maintenance, making them incredibly enticing options for those looking for a lightweight daily commuter. 

Vespas are highly customizable

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

When it comes to character and personality, Vespa provides all this in truck loads. Even out of the factory, few other manufacturers offer as many color options and special editions as Vespa. To top it all off, if you want to further personalize your Italian scooter, a vast aftermarket consisting of fancy accessories and upgrades exists. Popular upgrades include performance-oriented accessories such as variator kits, brake upgrades, and exhaust systems; as well as functional accessories such as luggage, custom saddles, and other ergonomic upgrades. 

You will become part of a family of Vespisti

5 things that make Vespas awesome scooters

Buying a Vespa doesn’t just give you a fashionable and functional lightweight commuter, it also opens doors to a whole community of like-minded individuals who share the same enthusiasm for this Italian icon. Owning a Vespa automatically makes you part of the Vespisti—an Italian term for a group of folks passionate about Vespas. If you’re a first time motorcyclist who chose a Vespa as your first motorcycle, it’ll be very easy for you to make friends and find a group for you to ride with on weekends. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to growing and sustaining the Vespa-loving community in the Philippines. 

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