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3 things we love about the Vespa S125

Read on to see if this lovable little scooter is right for you.

3 things we love about the Vespa S125

When it comes to scooters, no other manufacturer can hold a candle to Vespa. The most iconic scooter in the entire world surprisingly finds its roots in humble beginnings. Initially designed as simple point A to B scooters, Vespa has transformed into one of the most famed marquees in the motorcycle world. 

The Italian icon has captured the hearts and bedazzled enthusiasts all over the world. Today, Vespa has quite an impressive lineup of scooters in its roster. From top of the line, limited edition models, to entry-level scooters, there is definitely a Vespa for you. Today, we talk about what makes Vespa’s entry-level offering, the S125, special. 


Vespa S125

When you talk about Vespa, there is no denying that style and design are among the things which are on the top of the list. After all, Vespa us are among the most recognizable vehicles in the world. Sporting classic and timeless styling, the designers over at Vespa have done an amazing job in preserving the scooter’s overall aesthetic, while creating a modern day evocation of this styling. 

Perhaps another thing which makes owning a Vespa even more special, is the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie which exists in the Vespa enthusiast community. Given the bike’s iconic styling, a fellow Vespista can be spotted from a mile away. All that being said, owning a Vespa automatically welcomes you into a family of like-minded individuals.


Vespa S125

Underneath the Vespa S125’s immediately recognizable and iconic styling, lies some pretty impressive tech. It comes equipped with Vespa’s I-get 125cc single-cylinder engine. Featuring a three-valve cylinder head and air-cooling, the S125 pumps out a very friendly and approachable 10 horsepower. This lends itself to some pretty impressive fuel efficiency figures. The Vespa S125 registers a stellar 45 to 50 kilometers per liter, making it a very practical and economical scooter, on top of its classic charm and legend status. 


As far as pricing is concerned, the Vespa S125 is the most affordable scooter in Vespa’s lineup. Priced at just P145,000, the S125 is in the same ballpark as the likes of the Yamaha NMAX, Honda ADV150, and other commuter scooters from Japanese manufacturers. Now, while the Italian Wasp may be down in terms of overall performance, there’s no denying that owning a Vespa comes with its own unique charm—something Vespa has always been about. 

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