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5 reasons why the CFMOTO 400 NK should be your first big bike

Unbeatable value for money.

5 reasons why the CFMOTO 400 NK should be your first big bike

These days, big bikes have become so much more affordable and attainable. The notion of riding a motorcycle on the expressway has become more accessible to people from all walks of life thanks to manufacturers like CFMOTO, whose products are very well equipped while remaining extremely affordable. 

One bike in particular, the CFMOTO 400 NK, has made the big bike experience more accessible to beginners as well as motorcyclists on a budget. Equipped with decent componentry and features, the CFMOTO 400 NK boasts an unbeatable price tag, making it an enticing big bike, even for intermediate riders. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying this bike, especially if you’re eyeing your first big bike. 

Big bike styling


Just take one glance at the CFMOTO 400 NK, and it’s clear to see that this bike is a high-capacity machine. It has all the necessary styling cues of a true, blue, big bike thanks to its muscular bodywork, aggressive stance, thick and meaty tires, and dual front disc brakes. 

Eagle eyed observers would note that the CFMOTO 400 NK bears an uncanny resemblance with the KTM Duke range of motorcycles. That’s because CFMOTO had enlisted the help of Kiska Design to develop the styling of the 400 NK—the same folks responsible for designing KTM’s motorcycles since the early 2000s. 

Decent performance


Powering the CFMOTO 400 NK is a healthy power plant consisting of a 400.4cc 180-degree parallel-twin engine. Featuring electronic fuel injection, an eight-valve cylinder head, and dual-overhead cams, this engine pumps out a decent 42 horsepower, giving it decent performance. 

It’s fast enough to provide a confidence-inspiring ride on the highway and open roads, however, it isn’t overbearing nor too powerful for a first-time big bike rider to pilot. It transfers power to the rear wheel via a smooth and silky six-speed manual transmission, which feels very robust and precise. In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that the sharpness of this bike’s shifter could put some other Japanese and European bikes to shame. 

Bulletproof reliability


Gone is the stereotype of unreliable, janky build quality when it comes to made-in-China motorcycles, well, for CFMOTO, at least. That’s because the company has sought the help of some of the industry’s most well-known brands in building the 400 NK. 

For instance, it makes use of a Bosch electronic fuel injection system—just like what we’d find in Japanese motorcycles. Additionally, Continental supplies the bike’s dual-channel ABS system, while J.Juan, which was recently acquired by Brembo, supplies the bike’s brakes. Suspension components are provided by KYB, another popular Japanese suspension manufacturer. All this translates to reliability and build quality which is at par with other bikes in the market, making it clear the CFMOTO built the 400NK to last. 

Impressive after-sales support


CFMOTO is managed in the local market by Motostrada. Veterans in the motorcycle industry, Motostrada is also responsible for importing and managing brands such as MV Agusta, one of the world’s most iconic motorcycle brands. That said, the folks over at Motostrada know a thing or two about treating customers right. On top of that, they have an ample supply of replacement and spare parts, ensuring that your bike is always ready to hit the open road. 

The rich aftermarket has also begun to pop up for the CFMOTO 400 NK. Loads of aftermarket accessories and upgrades ranging from luggage options, to aftermarket exhausts, to auxiliary lights and everything in between can be purchased for this bike. That said, the 400 NK is an excellent all-rounder, capable of touring, commuting, and even track riding. 

Unbeatable price tag


The CFMOTO 400 NK retails for a near-unbelievable P219,800. At this price point, no other motorcycle currently available offers as much value as the 400 NK. It’s no surprise that this bike has been selling like hot cakes, especially with the fast growing popularity of big bikes in the local market. To top it all off, the CFMOTO 400 NK was, at one point, the most popular motorcycle in MotoDeal, making it clear that this bike is loved by enthusiasts in the country. 

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