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5 motorcycle parking etiquette tips you should practice

Kindness in all situations goes a long way.

5 motorcycle parking etiquette tips you should practice

Parking is, for many people, one of the most challenging parts of driving or riding. Understandably so, as it is indeed in the parking lot where most fender benders, dings, and scratches occur. On top of that, it can be all too easy for tempers to flare up in the parking area, especially in busy commercial areas where people are just trying to get in with their day. 

That being said, steps can be taken to make sure that everything remains pleasant for everyone involved. Today, let’s talk about parking etiquette, in particular, motorcycle parking etiquette, along with a few tips that you can follow to keep the positive energy flowing. Surely, doing good things radiates, and affects more than just yourself. Hey, what goes around comes around, right? 

When possible, give enough space

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking spaces, particularly here in the Philippines, tend to be extremely tight and congested. That being said, most of the time, motorcycle parking slots are measured precisely to fit a standard small-displacement motorcycle. This is also why big bike riders are given the privilege of parking in car parking spaces, provided, of course, that they pay the same fee as their four-wheeled counterparts. If you do ride a small bike and park in the motorcycle parking areas, be sure to park your bike properly, ensuring that there is enough space on either side. This makes it easy for fellow riders to park and exit without having to struggle with your bike getting in the way. 

Don't be an obstruction

Moving on, keeping the passageways of the parking area free-flowing is also a courteous act. Make sure you park your bike in a designated parking space, and not in the ingress and egress points of the parking area. Make sure your motorcycle is parked all the way in the space, with its tail or front end away from the passageways. On top of that, make sure you’re not blocking other motorcycles when parking your bike, as it could make it difficult for others to exit, and increase the risk of your motorcycle getting dinged or scratched in the process. 

Lend a helping hand

Motorcycle parking

If you happen to find a fellow rider struggling to park or get his or her motorcycle out of a parking space, don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand and make their day just a bit easier. There has always been a lot of camaraderie in the motorcycling world, and helping another person certainly goes a long way in making life easier for those around you. The same goes for folks who are carrying a lot of things, cargo, or equipment that needs to be loaded or tied-down to their motorcycle. 

Honesty is the best policy

It is indeed human nature to make mistakes. It’s not uncommon to see personal belongings unknowingly left behind on a motorcycle. Be it a mobile phone, wallet, set of keys or action camera, if you find that someone has left their belongings extremely vulnerable to theft, it may be a good idea to turn it over to the establishment’s security and leave a note on the motorcycle regarding the whereabouts of the owner’s belongings. Doing so will certainly save that person a world of pain, especially if he or she has left the keys in the ignition, making the bike extremely vulnerable to theft. 

Don't leave your valuables unattended

Motorcycle parking

The same goes for you, too. Keeping your motorcycle and all your other valuables safe is absolutely essential, as it prevents tons of inconvenience on your part, as well as prevents others from having to go through the hassle of accounting for your things for you. Plus, if your motorcycle is parked properly and securely, it’s a far less attractive to thieves and criminals as opposed to a motorcycle that’s sloppily parked and easily accessed. 

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