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How to protect your motorcycle’s paint

Here are a few simple tips to keep your machine looking showroom fresh.

Harley Davidson Outdoor Parking

The paint on your motorcycle’s frame, fuel tank, and other components of the motorcycle can wear out over time. Thousands of kilometers below the harsh tropical sun, improper washing and protection, and other unfavorable circumstances all play their parts in wearing down motorcycle paint. At best, worn-out paint can simply look flat and old. At worst, old paint can wear off and expose bare metal components which may lead to rust. However, knowing how you can best protect your motorcycle’s paint from fading and wear need not necessarily be complicated. Keeping a few things in mind can go far when it comes to paint protection. Here’s how you can protect your motorcycle paint from wear and tear—keeping it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Avoid direct sunlight

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When on a ride out, avoiding direct sunlight is next to impossible. However, avoiding sunlight when a motorcycle is parked can do a lot to save a motorcycle’s paint job. Harsh UV rays from the sun eat away at the clear coat of the paint and over time, the protective clear coat can wear away which will make your paint look old and flat. By avoiding direct sunlight, you’re directly avoiding one of the key sources of paint wear. A few ways you can do this would be to park in shaded or indoor areas, or use a motorcycle cover if you have to park under sunlight for longer periods of time.

Wash and Wax

Harley Davidson Tank Waxing

The next best thing you can do for your motorcycle’s paint would be to properly wash and wax your motorcycle using the right towels, soap, and protective wax. Using an ordinary cotton or polyester towel is generally quite hard and rough to motorcycle paint and can easily be the cause of permanent swirl marks or damage on the paint. Instead, the best towels to use for a wash would be clean microfiber towels for cleaning and a clean chamois towel for drying. Make sure to keep your towels clean when wiping the motorcycle in order to prevent dirt stains and scratches if recycled back into your clean towels.

When purchasing soap and wax for your motorcycle, reputable car care products are generally the best choices. Car shampoo and car paint wax are formulated to be very friendly and safe for your motorcycle paint. Car shampoo will clean off all of the dirt found on your paint, frame, plastics, and other components, while car wax will make sure that your paint stays protected until re-applied. Remember to follow the instructions found on the container or package in order to achieve the best results.

Be mindful

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The last important tip to keep your motorcycle paint clean and fresh would be to simply be mindful of your motorcycle’s paint and the current condition of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle hasn’t been washed in a few weeks, it might be time to attend to a proper wash. If oil or other fluids accidentally spilled on your bike, it may be good to attend to a thorough clean as soon as possible. If you’re going to have to park outdoors for a long period of time, look for a shaded spot—and the list goes on. At the end of the day, knowing when and how to best attend to your paint (and when not to) will do wonders in maintaining your paint job, keeping it shiny and fresh for years to come.

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