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Is a scooter the right motorcycle for you?

Read on to see if the good old scooter is the right choice for you.

Is a scooter the right bike for you?

If you’re new to motorcycling, and are in the market for your first two-wheeled motorized vehicle, then chances are a scooter is in your list of options. Scooters present themselves with tons of utility and practicality. As such, it is no surprise that they are among the most common vehicles on the streets. However, not all scooters are the same, and some scooters provide more utility than others. Some scooters are designed with style in mind, and are considered by many as rolling works of art. All that being said, read on to find out if a scooter is the best fit for your new motorcycle lifestyle.

Types of scooters

When you hear the term scooter, chances are what comes to mind is a bare-bones, two-wheeler vehicle devoid of any creature comforts or high-tech features whatsoever. While several modern-day scooters still employ this simple formula, technology has advanced such that scooters have become chock-full of technology and features commonly found on high-end motorcycles. Let’s take a look at the different types of scooters in the market.

For starters, the bare-bones scooter is a popular choice among commuters. This good old-fashioned machine is little more than two wheels with a seat, handlebars, and an engine in between. Of course, these types of scooters have begun to adopt modern technology such as fuel injection, ABS, and other safety features. 

Next, we have maxi-scooters. Now, these machines are designed with long-distance riding in mind, and provide the rider with quite an array of creature comforts such as ample storage space, cup holders, and charging ports for mobile devices. Bikes like the Yamaha NMAX are considered entry-level maxi-scooters, while machines such as the BMW C 650 GT occupy the upper reaches of both the performance and price spectrums. 

Lastly, we have scooters which put design and style on center stage. Fashionable, high-end scooters like those of Vespa never fail to turn heads thanks to their vintage appeal and iconic styling. Scooters of this variety can easily fetch hundreds of thousands of pesos, and are seen by many as status symbols.

Utility and practicality

2021 Honda Genio

Regardless of whatever type of scooter you may fancy, one thing they have in common is practicality. Even Vespa scooters are equipped with ample storage space under the seat—enough to fit a helmet and your other personal belongings. Now, the utility increases even further as you veer towards the more practical side of scootering. For instance, machines like the Kymco Xciting 400 provide extremely comfortable seats for both rider and passenger.

Additionally there are options for aftermarket accessories meant to increase utility and practicality. For instance, you can fit a top case to carry even more stuff on long-distance trips. Other accessories such as taller windscreens, grab-handles, and even cushier seats are available as well. 

Ease of use

As opposed to the good old motorcycle, most scooters come equipped with automatic transmissions. This means that the rider can do away with a clutch lever and a shifter pedal. As such, scooters are loved for their twist-and-go ability making it extremely easy even for beginners to get the hang of riding on two wheels. However, the laid-back nature of scooters does have one drawback: lack of power. This is especially true for scooters with smaller engines, which may find it difficult to overtake cars and other motorcycles at speed. 

It is important to note that performance was never the name of the game when it comes to scooters. As the name suggests, scooters are meant for, well, scooting around town. It just so happens that with the advent of maxi-scooters, you can now scoot from one province to another, as opposed to just around your town or city. Another thing to note is that scooters can be deceptively easy to use. That being said, it is important to always take caution when operating a two wheeled vehicle even if it’s just a scooter. Be sure to always wear your helmet and other necessary protective gear even if it’s just a short trip around town.


BMW C 650 GT

Lastly, When it comes to price scooters are among the most affordable vehicles on the road. This rings true for both buying and maintaining a scooter. Of course there are outliers when it comes to this equation. For instance, a range-topping maxi-scooter like the BMW C 650 GT is by no means cheap to buy and maintain. At nearly P1 million, this is probably one of the most expensive scooters out there. However, the story changes as you go down the spectrum a little bit. Scooters like the TVS XL100 can be yours for as low as P29,990—even cheaper than some bicycles in the market. 

Aside from the actual acquisition cost of a scooter, more often than not, maintenance is pretty affordable as well. An oil change for a Honda ADV 150 will undoubtedly cost merely a fraction of that of a Honda CB650R. This is thanks largely in part to the simplistic construction of a scooter’s engine, as well as the fact that it simply uses a lot less oil. Of course, another major thing to consider would be fuel efficiency. It goes without saying that scooters are extremely fuel-efficient especially those with displacements of 150cc and below.

1969 Lambretta SX150

So, there you have it. Scooters can be tons of fun while providing loads of practicality and utility. As mentioned above there are several types of scooters, each of which with their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to providing what’s best for your lifestyle. Having said that, there are loads of options when it comes to scooters on our website. Be sure to check them all out to see which one is best suited for your lifestyle. 

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