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3 things that make the Aprilia SR GT 200 stand out from the crowd

The Aprilia SR GT 200 could just be the ultimate urban scooter.

3 things that make the Aprilia SR GT 200 stand out from the crowd

In recent years, scooters have evolved from being basic, no-frills two-wheelers to become adaptable, all-purpose vehicles. In Europe and Asia, the Yamaha TMAX and other maxi-scooters sparked a resurgence, especially among two-wheeler enthusiasts looking for a straightforward and comfortable vehicle to tour with. A few years later, Honda introduced the X-ADV, a mix of a maxi-scooter and an adventure cycle, and modified the rules once more.

As a result, the market for adventure scooters was created, and Honda has been unopposed in the large-displacement class ever since. On the other hand, several manufacturers made an effort to stand out in the smaller displacement class, particularly in the 200cc and below range. The Aprilia SR GT 200 is one such design; it is a tough, high-end commuter scooter with an emphasis on performance and adaptability. It has popularized the Aprilia name and is still doing rather well in the local market. Here are a few justifications for choosing this high-end scooter as your next two-wheeler.


The SR GT 200's tech features and performance include auto engine start and stop for better fuel economy and an optional tech kit that enables phone pairing while driving. When coupled with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), the 174cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, single overhead cam engine that powers the SR GT 200 generates 17.4 horsepower and 16.5 Nm of torque. 

Signature Aprilia Styling

Aprilia SR GT 200

This scooter's aesthetics effortlessly incorporate the Aprilia design language. It takes certain visual cues from its larger, sportier relatives, including as the aggressive-looking front end of the RS660 sportbike. The bike possesses the racing DNA of Aprilia since the color schemes are also reminiscent of Aprilia Factory Racing. Tri-LED lights on the front fascia illuminate the road ahead for secure and confident nighttime riding.

Like other adventure scooters, the SR GT 200 is made to withstand the urban jungle's famed potholes and uneven road surfaces. It boasts thick tires, a long travel suspension system, and a wide handlebar for better leverage.

Attractive price tag

Aprilia SR GT 200

As for pricing, it’s understandable that the SR GT is at the upper end of the spectrum given its performance figures and tech package. Chances are those who choose the Aprilia SR GT aren’t novices in the world of motorcycles, and likely have a big bike, or several other motorcycles in the garage. Having said all that, the Aprilia SR GT 200’s price range is from P219,000 to P227,000, putting it well within the range of premium scooters from the likes of Vespa and Lambretta. 

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