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Aprilia Philippines premiers the 2022 SR GT 200 at Inside Racing Bike Fest

Finally, a maxi scooter from Italy that’s perfect for Philippine roads.

Aprilia SR GT 200 Philippines Launch

Aprilia, an Italian brand more known for big bikes in the Philippines, is teasing a new lineup of scooters for the 2022 model year. The Aprilia SR GT 200 is a model that comes in 200cc flavors, all with a dash of sporty Italian style. Positioned to go up against the likes of the Honda ADV150 as a do-it-all scooter, it gets dual-sport tires, long-travel suspension, and surprising performance to boot. 

The engine that powers the SR GT 200 is a single overhead cam, 174cc single-cylinder engine that is liquid-cooled, electronically fuel-injected, and makes a peak power figure of 17.4 hp with a sizeable torque figure of 16.5 Nm, paired to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). a 9-liter tank feeds the motor, and the emissions standard is pegged at EURO5. 

Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch Handlebar clamp

The exterior design of the SR GT 200 is unlike anything we’ve seen before in the maxi-scooter segment. While Honda is dishing out some aggressive lines, Yamaha still remains consistent with its NMAX 155 models. The look of the Aprilia is more akin to a larger-displacement scooter like the Yamaha XMAX thanks to its more aggressive front fascia, though with a more rugged appeal thanks to its long-travel suspension. The front forks go up to 120mm from the top to the bottom of its stroke, giving it quite a sizeable range of options and more importantly, ground clearance. Its wheels are wrapped in a set of 110-width tires in the front, and 130-width tires in the rear, and they are of the dual-sport variety. Stopping power is provided forby a set of hydraulic brakes both in the front in the rear. The front disc comes in at 260mm and the  rear measures 220mm, both front and rear rotors come with ABS as standard. 

Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch SR GT Logo
Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch Gauge Cluster

We were able to sit on the model’s accomodating seat, started the engine, we were greeted by a quiet startup sound along with a full LCD instrument display cluster. The model comes with a speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, clock, as well as smartphone support that’ll show your notifications while riding. 

Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch Aprilia Decal
Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch Headlight

When we asked about the model’s pricing, Aprilia stated that it was at a more premium price point in the market, but not too premium. Think Vespa pricing, but with a sportier look. As such, P219,000 for the standard variant is a pretty good deal. If you want a little more to go with your model, you can opt for the Sport variant, and that will go for P227,000. Considering the landscape of maxi-scooters in the county, Aprilia comes at a great time to entice buyers who want to stand out in a sea of all too familiar. 

Aprilia SR GT Philippines Launch

It’s also a good thing that Aprilia gives you a lot of color options such as Aprilia Bllack, Infinity Blue, Street Grey for the standard variants, Street Gold, Raceway Red, and Iridium Grey for the Sport models. The variants pictured above are all sport models. The main difference between the sport and the snatdard variants is the trimming and the extra bits and pieces that come with the scooter. Otherwise, specifications are kept the same throughout the lineup.

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