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2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio – First Ride Impressions

Yamaha’s most charming scooter to date is definitely more than just a pretty face.

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio – First Ride Impressions

Scooters are undeniably one of the most practical forms of two-wheeled transportation available. However, they are often unfairly labeled as boring and lacking character. Yamaha aims to challenge this perception with their new model, the Mio Fazzio. By introducing this scooter to the market, Yamaha hopes to prove that scooters can be exciting and full of life. With the Mio Fazzio, Yamaha seeks to change the notion that scooters are soulless machines and offer riders a thrilling and enjoyable experience on two wheels.

Up until now, if you wanted a sophisticated and elegant scooter, the options were limited to Vespa or similar European retro-style scooters. However, Yamaha has introduced the Mio Fazzio, which stands out as the most captivating scooter in their current range. It effortlessly combines a playful infusion of retro-inspired design with a touch of modern minimalism. While its aesthetic is distinct and eye-catching, the Mio Fazzio doesn't compromise on its primary purpose as a practical and convenient commuter scooter. It manages to strike a harmonious balance between style and functionality, offering riders the best of both worlds.


2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

The Yamaha Mio Fazzio stands head and shoulders above the other models in the Yamaha Mio lineup, showcasing a level of sophistication and excellence that sets it apart. One of its standout features is its captivating aesthetics, which immediately catch the eye. Designed with today's young and on-the-go generation in mind, the Mio Fazzio exudes a stylish and contemporary vibe. Its sleek and minimalist lines create a sense of elegance and refinement, while the incorporation of vibrant and funky color schemes adds a playful touch.

In particular, the white colorway of the Mio Fazzio draws attention with its resemblance to a Tic-Tac on wheels. The clean and pristine appearance, complemented by the contrasting cyan accents on the bodywork, adds a distinct Yamaha flair. These striking details serve as a visual representation of the brand's commitment to both style and innovation.

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

Moreover, the Mio Fazzio doesn't compromise on build quality. Despite its lightweight construction, it boasts remarkable solidity and durability. Riders can confidently navigate through urban landscapes, knowing that the scooter can handle the demands of daily commuting without feeling flimsy or fragile. Yamaha has meticulously engineered the Mio Fazzio to deliver a comfortable and stable riding experience, allowing riders to fully enjoy the journey while relying on the scooter's dependability.


2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

While the Yamaha Mio Fazzio boasts a stylish exterior, it remains true to its practical nature as a scooter. It's important to note that the Fazzio is slightly smaller than some other scooters, which means that storage space is somewhat limited. However, Yamaha has maximized the Fazzio's compact packaging by incorporating several storage compartments. The front apron features a cubby hole and a bottle holder, providing convenient spaces for storing small items.

Additionally, the Fazzio offers an under-seat compartment that provides enough room for your daily essentials. It's worth mentioning, though, that the under-seat compartment is not large enough to accommodate a helmet. This limitation should be taken into consideration when planning for storage requirements. The Fazzio comes equipped with other practical features as well. One such feature is a rear brake lock that proves handy for parking on inclines, ensuring the scooter remains securely in place. Furthermore, the Fazzio includes a center stand, which contributes to even more stable parking, offering riders peace of mind when leaving their scooter unattended.

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

In terms of illumination, the Fazzio incorporates full LED lights, providing enhanced visibility on the road. This feature not only enhances safety but also adds a modern touch to the scooter's overall aesthetic. To keep riders informed, the Fazzio features a user-friendly and easy-to-read digital display. This minimalist display keeps all the necessary information readily accessible, ensuring a hassle-free riding experience.

On The Road

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

The Yamaha Mio Fazzio offers a relaxed and comfortable riding experience, thanks to its ergonomic design. When seated on the scooter, it feels akin to sitting on a comfortable chair, allowing riders to enjoy longer journeys without discomfort or fatigue. The handlebar position of the Fazzio is set in a neutral position, accommodating the average height of Filipino riders. With a height of 5'8" as a reference, the handlebar positioning feels just right, enabling riders to maintain a natural and comfortable riding posture.

One of the notable advantages of the Mio Fazzio is its lightweight construction. This characteristic makes commuting incredibly easy and convenient, especially in congested urban areas. The scooter's lightness contributes to agile handling and effortless maneuverability. In fact, the Fazzio's nimbleness allows riders to execute u-turns comfortably within a single lane, further enhancing its practicality in navigating tight spaces or busy streets.

The Yamaha Mio Fazzio is equipped with a 125cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that delivers a respectable 8.3 horsepower. While this power output may seem modest, the Fazzio's performance feels surprisingly energetic thanks to the inclusion of Yamaha's BlueCore Hybrid Assist technology.

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

The BlueCore Hybrid Assist system incorporates an electric motor known as the Silent Motor Generator (SMG). This electric motor provides an additional boost of power during moments of heavy acceleration, enhancing the overall performance of the scooter. The SMG not only assists with power delivery but also serves the function of starting the engine, adding to the scooter's convenience. The integration of the BlueCore Hybrid Assist system allows the Yamaha Mio Fazzio to accelerate like a scooter with a larger engine displacement, often comparable to a 150cc scooter. 

Price and verdict

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

Priced at P92,900, the Yamaha Mio Fazzio provides exceptional value for money. Despite its compact size, this scooter stands out as one of the most premium options available in the 125cc segment. It seamlessly combines the allure and charm of a retro scooter with the practicality and convenience of a commuter scooter, offering riders the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, as a Yamaha product, the Mio Fazzio upholds the brand's reputation for bulletproof reliability. Yamaha has a long-standing history of manufacturing dependable and durable vehicles, and the Mio Fazzio is no exception. Riders can trust in the scooter's reliability, knowing that it is built to withstand the demands of daily commuting and deliver a worry-free riding experience.

2023 Yamaha Mio Fazzio

Considering its attractive price point, premium features, and Yamaha's renowned reliability, the Yamaha Mio Fazzio presents itself as an outstanding choice in the market. It offers riders a combination of style, practicality, and reliability that is hard to beat.

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