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Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil – Review

We put this premium German engine oil to the test for more than 2,000 kilometers.

Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review

German company Würth has cemented its position as a prominent industrial entity spanning various sectors. Originating in 1945 as a hardware vendor specializing in screws and fasteners, it later diversified its offerings to include lubricants and engine oils. Presently, Würth stands tall as an industrial powerhouse boasting a portfolio of over 100,000 products, encompassing hardware, tools, and industrial chemicals.

Within its extensive range, Würth excels in lubricants, catering to automotive, trucking, industrial equipment, and even motorcycles. Recently, we had the opportunity to test Würth's premium motorcycle engine oil: the Triathlon Bike 4S Premium. This product's nomenclature draws inspiration from triathlons, a rigorous sport intertwining running, cycling, and swimming. Allegedly, this nomenclature mirrors the oil's robust and dependable qualities.

First impressions

Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review
Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review

When preparing for a challenging 1,200-kilometer journey to Luzon's southern tip in Sorsogon, I opted to use Würth Triathlon Bike 4S for my 2020 Yamaha MT-07. With this ride being no stranger to testing both rider and bike, I sought an oil I could rely on. For context, the MT-07 requires around 2.7 liters of oil.

Upon starting the engine, I allowed the oil to circulate before hitting the road. Würth’s Triathlon 4S engine oil boasts a distinctive gold hue. The initial ride was remarkably smooth and notably quieter than my previous oil, changed just 4,000 kilometers ago. Almost immediately, I sensed a slight but discernible increase in the bike's power delivery and response—a subtle yet appreciable enhancement.

Going the distance

Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review

Throughout the journey to Sorsogon, I didn't hold back on pushing my MT-07. Enduring nearly 12 consecutive hours on the road, we faced a variety of challenges—poor road conditions, torrential downpours, sweltering heat, and grueling traffic. Remarkably, amidst these trials, the bike's temperature remained consistently stable. This stability spoke volumes about the efficacy of both the oil and the bike's cooling system.

Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review

Regular checks on the oil level reassured me; everything consistently measured up. Despite the prolonged hours of riding, the bike maintained its unwavering performance. The round trip, spanning approximately 600 kilometers each way from Manila to Sorsogon, concluded seamlessly, without a hint of an issue.

The technology behind Würth

Würth Triathlon Bike 4S Premium – Review

This high-performance engine oil is tailored for both air-cooled and water-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines. It's meticulously formulated for year-round use, catering to the spectrum of normal to heavy-duty riding experiences across street, dirt, and performance-oriented road bikes. Offering optimal lubrication across diverse conditions, it boasts exceptional stability against shear and aging, alongside high wear resistance. Its compatibility with wet clutches further underlines its adaptability.

Moreover, this oil excels in preserving outstanding engine cleanliness, providing a comprehensive solution for the demanding needs of varied motorcycle engines. As of this writing, I've already clocked in more than 2,000 kilometers on Würth's Triathlon Bike 4S Premium oil. For reference, I ride my bike on a near-daily basis, and use it for both commuting and out-of-town trips on the weekends. 

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