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You can now get the Android Auto update for the Honda Gold Wing

Setting up the Android Auto update for the Honda Gold Wing is easier than you think.

Honda Gold Wing

Last May, Honda announced that the current-model Gold Wing will be Android Auto compatible with an update coming out sometime in July. The Honda Gold Wing has always had Apple Car Play capabilities for iPhone users allowing them to access the various functions of their devices such as their calls, messages, navigation, and music. Now, Android users can now enjoy the same benefits on the Gold Wing. On July 24, 2020, Honda announced that owners of 2018 and newer versions of the Gold Wing who have Android 5.0 or later smartphones can now install an update on the motorcycle’s infotainment system to include the Android Auto feature. 

Honda Gold Wing

The update is now available on Honda’s website and it’s absolutely free. The website includes instructions on how to download and install it yourself with specific walk-through instructions for both PC and Mac users. You’ll just need a USB 2.0 or higher flash drive with at least 16 GB of storage space in order to install the update on the Gold Wing’s infotainment system. 

Honda’s website is as detailed as including steps for formatting your flash drive downloading the update and accompanying screenshots that can guide you through the screens that you’ll be seeing on the Gold Wing as you go through the installation process. However, if you’re not as confident about dealing with the update by yourself, you can always go to your favorite local Honda dealership who would be more than happy to help and assist you.

The update includes:

Android Auto compatibility;

Audio equalizer adjustments;

New navi automatic volume adjustment;

New four-color map selection;

New ETA functionality;

Speed limit signs shown on your route; and

Support for Chinese and Korean characters in your music titles and phone contacts.

The new update would overwrite your Favorites and History and will reset your “beep” volume to its default value. However, all your AM/FM radio presets will remain unaffected. Now that Honda allows seamless integration with both Android and iPhone users, going into long-distance touring rides with the new Honda Gold Wing is even more comfortable and better than before. 

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