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Yamaha’s Cygnus Griffus scooter could be perfect for Manila’s busy roads

A sporty Monster Energy edition of this scooter has just been launched in Japan.

Yamaha Cygnus Griffus Monster Energy Edition

Small-displacement scooters are highly popular in Japan, both for their practicality in congested areas and for their appealing charm. Consider the Yamaha Cygnus Griffus, a compact yet fast 125cc scooter that is intended to make navigating city traffic a breeze.

The Yamaha Cygnus Griffus already had athletic looks at the time of its first 2021 release, evoking memories of vintage two-stroke scooters. Yamaha is releasing a limited-edition Cygnus Griffus scooter with a focus on athletic appearance, though. More specifically, the Cygnus Griffus will be available in a Monster Energy livery starting on January 30, 2023, and it will be modeled after Yamaha's MotoGP race bikes.

Yamaha Cygnus Griffus Monster Energy Edition

The outcome is a little scooter that is adorable but also incredibly angry-looking. It will stand out in your collection of two-wheeled vehicles and be a great conversation starter as you go to work or school. With the Yamaha logo and the front brake caliper coated in anodized gold, the Cygnus Griffus Monster Energy Edition borrows many of its aesthetic cues directly from the Yamaha YZR-M1. A scooter this adorable will obviously only be made in small numbers—just 800 are anticipated to be manufactured.

On the performance front, the Cygnus Griffus is at least quicker than traveling about town on foot or a pedal bicycle. It has a single-cylinder, 124cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that produces 12 horsepower. Yamaha's in-house Blue Core technology, which has been reported to yield up to 50 kilometers per liter, is featured in this little scooter. A multi-function LCD monitor, a USB charging port, and sufficient under-seat storage for your daily necessities are among the technological highlights.

The Yamaha Cygnus Griffus Monster Energy MotoGP Edition will begin making its way into Japanese dealers by January 30, 2023. It will cost 368,500 Yen, or around P153,000. Would you like to see this kind of scooter available in the Philippines? Given its athletic looks and outstanding performance, it will undoubtedly be a capable commuter in congested city streets.

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