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Yamaha’s Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System makes its debut

Not a self-balancing system per se, but it can save you a crash if any wrong input is detected.

Yamaha AMSAS

Nowadays, riders are spoiled with riding aids, safety systems, and more computers that you can possibly learn how to use. While engine power delivery and lean-sensitive safety systems exist for a select few motorcycles, Yamaha’s looking to take rider safety aids to the next level with its Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System, otherwise known as AMSAS. 

Yamaha’s AMSAS will be able to help mitigate crashes and accidents brought on by wrong inputs to the handlebars or to help correct instabilities while out on a ride. The system is a self-stabilizing one, and it aims to minimize low-speed tip-overs. 

The system was developed in order to lessen the number of motorcycle-related fatalities on the road. While automotive fatality rates got lower over the years, motorcycle fatalities either remained constant or increased over time. In response to this, AMSAS was developed. 

AMSAS will use a six-axis inertial measurement unit, otherwise known as an IMU in tandem with drive and steering actuators. The system will keep tabs on the bike and sense when an accident or a tip-over is looming. For the low-speed stuff, AMSAS will be able to keep the bike upright, with the Yamaha demo riders showcasing how good it is by letting go of their grip on the bars. 

No frame alterations are needed according to Yamaha. There is big potential in a system like this, especially for heavy adventure bikes and perhaps fully featured road bikes. Team Blue hasn’t mentioned anything yet about their plans or what models we will see this system in use in, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for that. 

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