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Yamaha rolls out Y-Connect mobile app

Stay connected with the world around you regardless of the roads you travel.

Yamaha Y-Connect App

These days, it’s very important for people to stay connected with the world around them regardless of where they go. Thanks to innovations in technology, work can be done from anywhere. With this in mind, Yamaha has launched the Y-Connect app, a mobile application meant to keep Yamaha riders connected with their mobile phones while onboard their motorcycles. 

The new app works for both iOS and Android, and is compatible with Yamaha motorbikes fitted with the Y-Connect feature. It allows riders to view notifications for calls, messages, and other apps via the bike’s instrument panel. Furthermore, it acts as a control module for the various features of the motorcycle. In the Y-Connect App, riders can configure certain settings of their bikes, depending on the model of their motorcycle. It even features a nifty fuel consumption tracker, which not only gives a real-time analysis of your fuel consumption, but even recommends fuel stops and alternate routes to save on gas. 

2021 Yamaha Aerox

The Yamaha Y-Connect App also serves as your techie assistant when it comes to keeping your motorbike in tip top shape. It sends notifications to your phone when your next service interval is coming up, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll never miss an oil change. Additionally, the app constantly scans the motorcycle’s engine control unit, or ECU in order to ensure the bike’s health at all times. The moment it senses an error, it will shoot a malfunction notification to your phone, along with a recommended course of action in order to rectify the problem. 

Lastly, a social aspect has been integrated into the app for those who like to add a touch of competition to their daily commute. No, it isn’t about who can get from point A to B fastest, but rather, eco riding and fuel efficiency mileage. Similar to mobile apps designed for cyclists such as Strava and Zwift, Yamaha Y-Connect features a global leaderboard for riders all across the globe to compete against each other and rack up eco riding points. 

As of this moment, Yamaha has yet to finalize the list of motorcycles that will come equipped with the Y-Connect feature in the local market. In other countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, bikes like the Yamaha Aerox and Sniper get Y-Connect integration. That said, we can expect these bikes along with the likes of the NMAX, MT-15, and others to come equipped with this feature in the near future.

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